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Noob in SC

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HI all, professional eater here, no I dont slurp down 38 corndogs at a clip, just have a life-long affair with food...and good beer....and good bourbon..and, well you get the point. I had a small brinkman water smoker back in the day, when we moved to the Myrtle Beach area it had to be left off of the truck due to space considerations.

Fast forward 5 years...I'm ready to smoke my own again!!! I'm eyeballing a small Brinkman cabinet smoker at the local Home depot...probably gonna bring it home at any minute unless someone has a better option at the sub $200.00 price point. I would love to catch a BBQ competition this summer, anyone know of any in SC or lower NC? I have very lucid fantasies about joining a BBQ team someday....anyway love the forum looking forward to learning a lot!

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welcome, hope you enjoy this site as much as I do!!!
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Welcome to the forum Jeff, glad to have you
I'm sure someone will be along soon to answer your questions.
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Welcome Hacksaw.
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Welcome to SMF, hacksaw! There's a section of SMF that has information on local competitions, here's a link:

Glad to have you, look forward to your future posts and q-vue!!
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Welcome, Hacksaw. You have arrived at a great place filled with good people who love good food.
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Welcome to the smf...............Lots of great people and info here.................
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Welcome to the SMF!! If you want to see what is happening in SC and NC goto and There are a number of comps through the rest of the year. Hope we see you at one soon. We will be cooking under the "NoPigLeftBehind" Competition BBQ Team.
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Nice intro, Hack. Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome aboard Hack! Glad you found us!
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Hacksaw first welcome to the SMF........ You wont be lookin at anything else on the puter because there is so much info in here you wont have time.. lol The people in here are the best and FULL of knowledge on any topic you might have.. Also how is the beach??? Be coming your way in 3 weeks...
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Gobbledot et. al.

The beach is fiiiiiinnneeeee! I may be prejudiced however, water is still a bit chilly for my tastes..I usually dont hit the surf till mid-late June, I'm such a delicate creature! Lol

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

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Welcome to the forum.

Have you considered a wsm for your next smoker? Great little jobs that can usually be had for under $200
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