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Coulda been better Pork Roast Q

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Sunday eve, I decided to try a pork end roast for the first time on my cgsp on Monday... Rubbed it up sun afternon, wrapped in plastic wrap.... then monday got the cgsp fire up and gave her a shot... I couldnt keep my temps down and she cooked a bit fast... but I guess for a lil drier than I like, it turned out pretty darn good... oh and I didnt get pics but made jeffs bbq sauce and topped it for bbq sammys. It did taste better than it looked thank god!! oh well chalk it up to a "well done" lesson learned.

post #2 of 10 of the best things about this stuff...the mistakes are usually still edible ;{)

Carry on, soldier!
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Looks Okay to Me

I don't know . . . it looks yummy to me. But then it is lunch time.

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Did you foil it at all? I usually foil mine around 160 to 170 and then take em up to 200. Also if you didn't try Jeff's finishing sauce you might want to try that next time, it will defitnitely moisten it up a bit.
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It looks good to me too!
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Must to have been good half of it looks like its gone.
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Looks pretty tasty to me also!! Finishing sauce and foiling I agree, if it was dry?
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I did spritz every hour with jd/applejc, foiled at 170 deg, mopped with jeffs bbq sauce, brought it to 185, then pulled it out....
I guess went against all that I have learned so far and tried to make pulled pork out of a roast, even though most would hang me for it....but hey it sorta worked and you were right it was about half gone so it isnt like im at a total loss or anything.dont get me wrong guys it was still good.
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I made some pork tip roasts today and they were just a little dry. I think the lesson with these roasts might be to pull them off at the 160 and serve them moist and juicy as slices. I do think they'll make good sandwiches tomorrow. I even brined mine over night.
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Yes, the pork end roasts are not as marbled as butts, and the fat content is no where near the same, so they do turn out a bit drier. I would recomend injecting them, or brining them for a couple days.
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