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smoked buffalo burgers!

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My neighbor gave me a few pounds of buffalo meat so I mixed in 1lb of hamburger and smoked up some burgers. They were great. They did not puff up like they had before when I used straight beef and they did not fall apart like buffalo burgers sometimes do from being too dry. Seemed to be just the right mix of beef and buffalo. I mixed in some chili powder, garlic powder and McCormicks hamburger seasoning. Without question they were the best burgers I've done in the smoker and way better than grilling.
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Sure sounds good Twister! I haven't tried smoking burger yet, but sounds like I'd better try it.
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Smoked burgers

Sounds great! I haven't been able to find buffalo meat here in Missouri that doesn't require a second mortgage to buy. The recipe sounds really good...I have smoked burgers before and there is no comparison with plain grillin' ones. It takes time, but isn't that what it's all about? Oh yeah!
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Sure sounds good Twister.
I'm a big fan of buffalo, I'll give your seasoning combo a
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Mouth is watering.
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Sounds great, we bring back a butt load of butt burger meat from Montana every year. Good in chili, burgers, just about everything. Good lean meatwink.gif
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I think my neighbor went hunting in South Dakota. I forget how many pounds of meat he got but I'm thinking in was close to 300, it was bunch!

Rivet, only took about an hour and half. You could probably even kick up the heat to about 300 and get them done a little quicker, I did them at about 250.

Cowgirl, I didnt measure anything just starting dumping stuff in till it looked good. I use chili powder in a lot of stuff and really like it.
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Sounds very good. Buffalo meat is great. In fact we had grilled burgers the other night. I really need to try smoking them next time.
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How did the grilled burgers turn out? I have only had them at a restaurant before and they were good but a little on the dry side and kinda crumbled apart when you at them.
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They were very good. I cook them around 500 degrees for 10 minutes total on 1/3 lb burgers. I also use either Jeff's Rub or a Memphis rub. They turn our med rare and juicy.

P.S. they don't fall apart either.
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I'm sure medium rare make the difference. I have always ordered them medium but they come out well done.
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I know what you mean. We have a Ted Turners place a few minutes from our house. When they over cook the burger, same thing and dry as a bone. They do have great fries though but not enough of a reason to go back.

All in all, I'd rather do it myself. I really do need to smoke one though to see what the difference is. What internal do you go to?
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Here's another one to ponder. If I get fresh ground buffalo from the store, it's $5.99 a lb or $2.00 per 1/3 lb burger. Not bad and you can add all the good stuff in your recipe.

If I order from High Plains Bison ( Then I get 18 burgers on sale at $29.95 vs the regular price of $49.95. So, it's either $1.66 per burger or $2.78.

Here's the kicker, I can get the same High Plains burgers at Costco for $7.99 for 6 or $1.33 a burger and not have to pay shipping.

Costco is great and I get most of my major meats there. I was down today to pick up a 5 lb brisket, flat. That's the weekend smoke...
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