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Well just had to add this to where do you get your deer meat from. A year back while driving to another a town I noticed some road kills that was missing part of the backs. Thought how strange the animals choose that part to pick at first. Well it seems some guy was cutting out the back straps of the deer. He must have been desperate cause some of them I know had been laying there a few days. But I have to chuckle everytime I come across these road kills trying to visualize the smile on his face on his find.
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Thanks for the input erain. I had thought about the extra grinds, since I know what just grinder stuffing does to the texture of my sausages. If you do any post some picks.
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There was recently a thing on TV that showed the commercial manufacture of dogs, and they pointed out how different the recipe was for each region, that the dogs here in Cincinnati will have a wildly different set of spices than a dog in New England.

I can verify that, as we just spent some time visiting the wife's family up in Connecticut, and I had several grilled dogs that were a revelation. Full of flavor, where ours here in town are really bland and uninspiring.

It's odd, as Cincy is a meat kind of town.

I think I'm going to try to make some franks simply to try some different, spicier recipes. Now I just need a smoker...
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i got tons a pics from past couple years but none on digital, this fall if hunting seasons are sucessful we will have pics!!!! i guess i forgot to mention keep that meat cold!!!!
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