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Jap peppers in jars.......mild, medium, HOT

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i always thougth a jap was a jap..........i have used jars of medium, hot, and ones that just don't say..........the medium and the ones that just don't say, i have no problems with.......but the vlassic HOT.........i can't do

they ALL have seeds....and ribs in the slices........but what makes the jar that sez me anyhooters, unedible.........

now this is not a post for you tuff guys to brag about having no problems........i just would like to know, whats the diff.?

the el paso is almost a sweet FIRST taste........THEN the heat kicks in...but them vlassics..........if i didn't know any better, i would say they was habs............WOW

just curious
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Well let me tell ya.

The peppers capasacin content is in part a defense mechanism that helps ward off hungry critters. Now carniverous critters normally recognize plants as much needed moisture and will look to consume vegtable matter when water is not handy, like say during drought conditions thus in a drought like atmosphere peppers will naturally produce a more potent capasacin.

This little gem of information was gleened by certain native cultures (probably by accident) and they began to intentionally starve their pepper plants for water which made them better for medicine and was a great practical joke amoungst the tribesmen.

wheres the blasted spell check on ths forum?
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tell me about it..........started a thread about that very same subject.........and all i got was made fun of............MADE FUN OF .........i tell ya............hehhee
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The hottest pickled peppers I ever had were Jalapeno's.
A friend of my Mom's packed them in oil. the essential hot goodies in the pepper is an oil, these things would tear you up.
I pickle Hab's and Jalap's and have never had anything as hot as those were... Most of it has to do with the pepper, but I'm positive that a lot has to do with how it's bottled too... :)
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I love jalapenos. However, I have a theory and, while it may not hold up to science, it seems true to me.

I think jalapenos get hotter while traveling. Maybe they ferment in the truck. I dunno. When I lived in Arizona, I ate them like candy. Then once on vacation, while grilling them at my cousin's place in Iowa, I ate two and they thought they were going to have to take me to the hospital.

Now that I live up north, I take it easy on them because I get burned. Yet, on a recent business trip to Texas, I stayed at my sister's place in San Antonio where we grilled some Jalapenos up. Again, I was able to eat them like candy and barely get a burn.

Something to chew on. It'd be entertaining to get some input from folks in different areas of the country.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I thnik it's all in the pepper and where they are prodused.

I used to pull Japs off the plnats and do a grill on them and eat with the meal. I would pull seeds for the next year and the cycle conitnued until I lost my seed stock to an eraly frost. Bought some new seeds and grlled a few up and I thoguht I was on fire.

Who needs spell check, when our brain is wired to read the words for us?
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Are Red Savinas a Jap??
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Red Savinas are a type of Habañero. Very very hot!
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Here at the fire house we bring in all types of jalepenos. pickled, unpickled some of the guys eat them with every meal and snacks. we make our own varietys of pickles out of them and sauces of course.
we have had cans and bottles come in that say hot. the guys say they taste like grass.(meaning no heat) and then some times the hots are so hot they can only be eaten by a few. I think some times it is the luck of the draw. I guess that to make the amounts of pickled peppers you get suppliers from every place and some are hotter then others.
just my penny's worth.. when they are toooo hot we just add more maters are mater sauce..
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Give japs a chance. Start a little at a time. Beer in hand never killed a guy. Well maybe but not eating a jap.
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