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Chickens in the Brine

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I thought about puting this in the joke thread but...what the hey.
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chix brining

looks like a quartet of elementary lunch monitors with floppy arms, havin a day at the spa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LOL Very nice.
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This is funny LOL
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Very funny

A dip in the pool followed by sauna, with a slight hint of smoke..i mean steam
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Just need the aerator from the live well for some bubbles.
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Man, that's classic!
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Have you been in my year book?
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LOL...good one!
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LMAO, nicely done!
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great dude.............POINTS ! ! ! !
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BAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I almost fell out my chair with that. great stuff.

points indeed.
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LOL...that's awesome!!!
If I didn't know where they were going next, I'd want to join the party!! :0-)
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That's great!
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That puts a hole different meaning on hot tub'n.
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