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Just snagged me a TSM 50# meat mixer on fleabay. Now I just got to make me my sausage table out of one of my salad bar sinks, and I'll be pretty much set (oh yeah, I NEED a vacuum sealer tooPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif).
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Sweet new toy...................One lucky guy................
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Saweeeet I've been looking at those let me know how it works
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You'll enjoy using that one! I have one half that size (holds 25#). Sure makes it easier to mix in the spices.
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No more frozen fingers! I have taken to wearing a thin pair of jersey type gloves under the rubber ones for mixing. The cold STILL creeps in soon tho.

Nice score! What did you pay?
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I got it for $203, plus shipping. That is about what I had been willing to pay for a 25# LEM. Not a great deal, but a pretty good one. I hope they are well made. They appear to be on the TSM website. They also are supposed to work with volumes of 25# to 50# which should suit me fine. We will see and I will make periodic reports on it. I am looking forward to not freezing my hands anymore too, although cleaning it might be a pain.
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Nice new gear is always KOOL!!!! Nice addition!!
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good for you, youll love it. It looks like my cabelas mixer... was unsure at first if id like it ( just seemed like it wouldnt be worth the $) but after My sausage mania this year.... hooking up to my grinder and letting it mix... well worth the $... and does an excellent job... again congrats.
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I have been looking at Cabelas 1hp grinder and the meat mixer that hooks to it plus the 30# vert stuffer with the motor and foot pedal. Do you have any first hand experince with any or all of this equip? Any comments would be a real help. Thanks RC1800
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Matter of fact I do... I have the 1 hp grinder, the mixer, the 20# Manual vert stuffer... Love the grinder and mixer... Stuffer is good, but my gripe is with the stuffer 3#s of meat are always stuck in bottom at the end, do to the contour of the bottom... I have put Ice on top at the end to push more meat out, but it seems hard on the stuffer.... other than that prob it is great. hope this helps let me know if ya need more info.
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Thank you very much.
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Cool mule! Yall be crankin out sausage like a pro shop soon!
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Nice purchase !!! You will be happy with it I am sure. We have a 44 lb. for 25 lb. batches and it works great. The one thing I have found is you need to turn the crank both ways to get an even, good mix with the meat (with ours.....).

I would like to motorize ours and have since purchased an adjustable speed reducer with reverse to gear and motorized the mixer. I have a busy summer planned but hope to get the mixer fixed up yet before next deer season. I must be either lazy or live for projects to motorize a mixer !!!
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Nice will love it. I found a super sweet deal on Criagslist a while back. For a couple weeks I kept searching Craigslist city by city for meat grinders when I finally stumbled onto an ad in Houston. A guy was selling a Cabela's 1 hp grinder, the 44# mixer, the jerkey slicer and a 44# scale. The mixer and jerkey slicer attach to the grinder. All of the stuff was brand new and never used. I got it all shipped to Pittsburgh for only $540.

The guy told me that he had recently bought a ranch and all of this equipment was in the house there. He had no interest in processing his own game, so I got pretty lucky!

I also found a nice heavy duty 15# sausage stuffer on Craigslist that I got shipped from Buffalo, NY for only $200.

It was a good chunk of change, but the money I will save on the processing of a couple deer and the 50 to 100 lbs or so of geese we get each year will make it pay off in just a couple seasons.
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Nice score! I get as much satisfaction out of processing my own game and making tasty products out of it, as I do hunting and taking it. The final part of this "grail" quest happened for me yesterday. My hunting partner and I boated, then hiked into our elk spike camp yesterday. Rained all day, but as we pared slices off a chub of elk summer sausage, that I made, which came from the elk I got in that drainage last fall, the sun peeked out for about ten minutes. Thats gotta be good karma in anyones book. (Then the dogs got a hold of the sausage when we weren't paying attention and polished it off.) Oh well, they enjoyed it too.
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