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New to forum looking for advice

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I am new to smoking. I have been trying to come up with a good rub recipe. i am also trying to get familar with smoking. I have been using a smoke box on a gas grill. It's working great and the rub is almost where I want it. The advice I am looking for is a source to find out how to use a virtical smoker. I bought a used smoker this past weekend. i am sure it is very low end. I can't find any vents. The lid comes off and there is a little door at the bottom. There are 2 grill levels and 2 metal bowls. do I put the coal in the bowl at the bottom and throw wood chips over that? what about indirect heating? I know I'm supposed to use indirect heat but i don't see how i'm going to do that. If anyone could shed some light on this i would be very grateful.

Thanks Rob
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Welcome Rob. Post us a pict... it's worth a thousand words ;{)
And Jeff's rub is pretty good. A great place to start, altho you mention you have a start. Tell ya what... list the ingredients and what else you want out of it... many here including myself do their own rubs and sauces, and have for a while now.

Enjoy your time here.
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Welcome Rob.
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Welcome to the forum Rob...glad to have you
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Welcome aboard...........Lots of great info here.........You might want to take the free 5day ecourse.........
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Welcome Rob

Try Jeff's rub its worth it. Then modify the heck out of it to suit your own needs!
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Welcome to the SMF Rob!!
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why play sand?? just to keep it in place and easy to toss drippings?
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Welcome to SMF. The 5day E-Course and Jeff's rub, are defanantley good for anyone to get started with.
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welcome Rob, good advise by all. From your description the smoker sound like the ECB ( el-cheapo- Brinkman) sold at Home Depot, Lowes and Wally World.
Ask any question cause everyone here is willing to help.
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While I'll swear by Jeff's rub, someone in here posted this link - has a ton of rub recipes
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