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Michigan Kroger

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Whole pork loins $1.69 Lb. Pretty good deal there....
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Good deal! Friend of mine pick up a 3 slab cryovac pack of BB ribs for $2.71 lb at Krogers late last week. Guess who gets to smoke em?
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Good deal, will have to make a run to richmond
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Great price. Kroger in Cincinnati, OH 1/2 loins $1.99.
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Picked up on a couple of those Cinci Kroger 1/2 loins. Think I'll stuff one next Saturday. Never done that before.
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ah, your uncle maybe?? biggrin.gif
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Me next!

Needless to say I will be checking the Baker's Supermarket here in Omaha on my way home today. Baker's is owned by Kroger as of a couple years ago.

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Let me know how the stuffed loin comes out I have never done a stuff loin myself. I always turn mine into Canadian Bacon.
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