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Jamaican Jerk w/ rice and peas

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The chicken was marinated and smoke n grilled with the aid of some soaked allspice berries. The rice was simmered with coconut milk, scotch bonnets, fresh garlic, green onions and once again those elusive pigeon peas. Great smells , great flavours. Good eats.(sorry alton.

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By golly, that'll make your mouth water! Thanks for the Qview.
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Thanks for the memories!

Looks great! Reminds me of our homeymoon.

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Excellent! I like the sound of the rice cooked with the habs!
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Looks so good, WZ. Im sure the taste is even better. Love the jerk.
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It was a mouthful of burning hot flavor. Darn those carribean folk and there scotch bonnets.
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Looks mighty tastey!
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Authentic Hints For Rice & Peas - from a Jamaican cook

The well known “secret" of Jamaican cooks is; to float the whole Uncut Pepper in the simmering liquid – DO NOT BURST THE PEPPER BERRY or you'll be sorry.

Other ingredients that many Jamaican cooks add (for 6 Pax) are:
3-4 Pimento Berries
½ tsp. Brown Sugar
1-2 Cloves Garlic
2-3 Stalks Scallion - minced
A sprig of Fresh Thyme (dry may be substituted, But fresh is sooooo much better)
A few grinds Pepper (adds another dimension of flavor)

Red Kidney Beans – Dry or Canned (the traditional Rice & Peas is made using kidney beans, Pigeon Peas are usually used at Holidays)
Ham skin or bacon (universally anything with Bacon tastes great)

The below substitutes for Peas provide different side dishes with grate flavors (try them all each one has its own flavors & Character):

Corn – Fresh, canned or frozen
Peanuts - Raw or Roasted (try them both they have two different flavors)
Cashews – Roasted (not sure about raw)
Mixed Vegetables (very good with Nuts added)
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Looks great as I love the heat!!
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Looks great William!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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