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We didn't do much BBQing punching holes under the ocean.   I was lucky to look through the periscope to peak at sunlight. 

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Thanks for the service Ladies and Gents, both foreign and domestic!  Our world would be worse off without you, and your families service on our behalf!!


Good luck and God Bless you all.

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A salute to the Devil Dogs!

WARNING! Live combat footage, may not be suitable for civilians.

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Oorah Eman!

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Active Duty USAF 1998-2007

Computer Maintenance/Intelligence

Two tours in Iraq, one in Korea

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Make sure you send pics as you get them built!!

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USN ABH1 Launch and recovery of aircraft, vertical replenishment... USS Kitty Hawk CV63 Yokosuka Japan.Sadly she is now decommissioned. Kitty Hawk was the last conventional powered aircraft carrier.Got out '09 and miss it but I got a family.
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16 inch Guns on USS New Jersey BB-62

Tomahawk Missiles on Various asundry CG's


Decommissioned the USS New Jersey BB-62 and the USS England CG-22


Got out in 1996 and did Desert Storm in the Gulf


Miss it as well but have a wonderful wife and 2 beautiful kids to be with!!!


Thank you too ALL who served



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USAF '01-'05
Bomber Avionics, Instrument and Flight Controls Journeyman.
SSgt(sel) Ellsworth AFB, SD

USN '07- Present
Operations Specialist First Class
(Surface Warfare/Air Warfare)
VFC-12 2007
USS G.H.W. Bush (CVN-77) '08-'13
CSCS Det East '13 - Present

Thanks to all who served at anytime and theater both home and abroad.
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I spent 23 years in the service, one branch or another and retired in 2002



Ft. Campbell, Ky

101st Infantry Division Military Police

553rd military Police




3rd Infantry Division Military Police (Mechanized) Fulda Gap. 


1985-1991 Boston MA 

26th Infantry Division Military Police 


1991-1995- US Air National Guard Communications Squadron


1995-2002 Hanscom AFB 66th Security Forces Squadron- Operation Enduring Freedom. (USAF Reserve).


We cooked a lot of our own grub over the years and if I ever find any decent pics, I will post one up here. 


Thoughts and prayers to our men and women continuing their service to our great country!

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U.S. Army
1971 -1972
Fort Bragg, NC
Made some close friends but happy to get out.
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Not a vet, but I always fly the flag at my house.
Thank you all for your service!
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Bbhzx12 thanks for the support! Stay Smokey my friends.
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Active duty Coast Guard BMC of 23 years.  Looking at retirement next year with 24 big ones!  Thanks for your service and support!


CG Yard Baltimore MD

CG Station Hatteras Inlet NC

CG Station Ocracoke NC

USCGC Forward Portsmouth VA

USCG Aids to Navigation Team Hampton Roads VA

Boat Forces Center Coxswain "C" School Instructor Yorktown VA

USCGC Midgett Seattle WA



Semper Paratus

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I retired from the Air Force after 22 years. 462x0 or 2W1x0 depending on how old you are. Now I'm in culinary school with plans to open up my own BBQ concession trailer.

I've also tried a couple sanctioned BBQ competitions. Placed 4th in brisket both times and one of those cookoffs had 120 teams. Also pulled 8th in chicken, 5th in ribs and 2nd in beans. Pretty good for a newby.
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ABF2 Stump

USS Tarawa LHA-1

Aug 92-Aug 96


CVNE 0366

Reserve unit


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Cool. Retired 463x0 here, also living in Texas now.  Good luck on your new venture!

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HQ Co 184th Trans Bde

162nd MP Co
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US Air Force 78-98

Eilison AFB Alaska

Germany, Iceland, Spain and about five state side bases.

Retired living in Texas also

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