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This is an awesome thread!

I was in the Navy from 1996 - 2007. I served as a Nuke on board the USS ENTERPRISE from 98 - 03, then I was stationed in San Diego at SIMA (later SWRMC) until I was given a medical discharge in March 07. Word of advice, try to not get stuck in a reactor compartment for 8 hours, shut down / cooled down or not! I think I was the smoking meat that day!

Best part of the Navy was that I met my wife on the ENTERPRISE. She is getting retired this December (the ship, not the wife) and I am trying to go see her one last time!

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2001-Present - First Class Electronics Technician (Communications)

USS Houston SSN 713, USS Chicago SSN 721, USS Virginia SSN 774

Guam, Hawaii, Washington State, and Currently in Groton, CT

Been to about thirteen countries for various reasons.

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US Army Retired after over 35 years in Army Aviation as a pilot, test pilot and aircraft maintenance manager. 

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Interior Communications Electrician

Petty Officer First Class

United States Navy



I was stationed in San Diego my whole career, met my wife while in the navy. She was also navy. Served on a spruance class destroyer (DD 973 USS John Young) and a guided missile cruiser (CG 57 USS Lake Champlain)

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HHB 1/129th FA


18 1/2 yrs so far, getting ready to sign up for 3 more.

'05 Katrina

'06-'08 Kabul Afghanistan

'11 State SED for the floods 


Currently 74D Battalion CBRN NCO, but I'm actually acting NCOIC of the S3 shop

Spent the first 15yrs 13B on the gun lines.  


King of Battle!

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August 2005 enlisted in us army
Sept 06 to oct 07 ramadi iraq 21b route clearance for the marines
Present us army reserves 74d cbrn nco
Great thread thanks
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Glad to see all you veterans here.
US Army SGM Retired.
1971 to 1977
1982 to 2002
Now a Veterans Service Officer helping veterans with VA benefits.
Smoke On !
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Good to see you here, SMAJ!


Thank you for your ongoing service to our veterans!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Just a Bubblehead out of CT here
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Greetings from the UK, as for myself, I'm an ex Infanteer. I joined in the regular Army in 1996 and have had the pleasure of serving in:

Northern Ireland, three tours.
Sierra Leone.

I'm now a Close Protection Officer working the circuit in Afghanistan and have spent the last five years here.

Well as I'm new to this forum I'd better go and report to roll call, introduce myself and my future plans to build a brick BBQ, rotisserie, smoker and pizza oven. To date any and all information I've collated about my build has been via this site, without a doubt the most informative and friendly forum I've ever come across.

Many thanks gents, not only for your time served but the information provided here.
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Retired U.S. Air Force - 26 years acive duty 1981-2007.
Lubbock, TX, Wiesbaden, GE, San Antonio, TX, Alamogordo, NM, Fairborn, OH.
High Altitude Airdrop Mission Team, Aircrew Training Instructor
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20yrs+7mos. in the Air Natl. Guards 185th,ARW, Civil Engineer as an Construction Equipment Operator. I enjoyed my time in but when the fun stopped it was time to leave.I sure do miss the Deployments and the people I worked with.
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why africa, take care of rebel armies?

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Add one more Jarhead to the list!
1989-2004 1st Radio Battalion C Co. ( were more than a bunch of freqs and prcs!)
2621/ 0313 manual morse intercept and LAV crewman
I was the VC for one of six MEWSS vehicles in the USMC.
Desert Shield/Storm
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USAF,Msgt,retired after 20 years.

Nuclear weapons

Spent my 20 in Germany (German Airbase)(non U.S.) and Italy (Italian Airbase) from 67 to 87.

Then after retiring returned to Southern Germany and lived there for another 25 years.

Now residing in East Texas.


What a ride....

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Canadian Forces, Communications System Tech, currently working as a training Sgt at the comms school
14 years and counting, 3 tours Khandahar, 1 tour Bosnia
Nice to see this thread

Got the good fortune to work with a supply guy who had access to some beef tenderloin. Nothing fancy just some Montreal steak spice seared over charcoal, and washed down with near-beer. Maybe the best steak I ever ate.

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Cruise Missile Maintainer, been at barksdale since 2011

1 tour as force protection in kyrgyzstan

spent alot of time at petes! 

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Hi all, another from the UK.

Royal Air Force 12 years, MOD 10 years. Worked my way up from aircraft tech to maintenance controller. Worked on Hercules, then a posting to RafG, F16, Mirage, Tornado, Phantom, Alpha Jet, Helicopters and civil aircraft. Last move was Hawk trainer, and Red Arrow deep maintenance !

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Just want to thank you so much for everything you guys have done for me and my family and country!!!!!:super: You guys are the real super heroes of the world. I am a military brat growing up over seas most of my life, tried to join but nobody would take me with hardware in my hips(oh well, many other ways i can help) but once again thank you so so much we could not ask for a greater sacrifice for our country!!!! You are welcome at my house for B.B.Q., a beer or what ever any time!!

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USAF "1970-92" Air Traffic Controller  (Still crazy after all these years! :yahoo:)

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