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Military Smokers?

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I see a lot of posts from obviously military-affiliated members to others not so obvious, but subtle, like posting times of 2030 hours instead of 8:30 PM. Just curious how many members are vets, active duty, guard, reserve, etc.

Where ya been, what ya done? Q-view from a far-away land would be golden!

Ken Sebourn
US Army/Psychological Operations
First Sergeant
Retire 31 July 2008 (21 Years)
Ft Hood, TX; Ft, Bragg, NC; MacDill AFB, FL
Germany 1988-89; Desert Shield/Storm 1990 & 91; Korea 1993-94; Assured Response (evac of US pers. from Liberia) 1997; Qatar 2002 & 2003; Afghanistan 2002 & 2004, Iraq 2005, 06, & 07; all over the middle east over the years....

Lamb Kebobs, Afghanistan 04

T-Bone Burn, Iraq 2006

T-Bone Burn, Iraq 2006

Hard day at the office, Iraq 2006
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Did a little time in the Navy... on last of stand by years now from Reserves... Active duty deployment on the Truman- CVN-075 spring/summer of 02
Was attached to the Norfolk carriers then moved over to a squadron....

Spent quite some time on a test program with a fine group of Marines... 29 Palms...

Petty Officer 2nd Class
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USN Aug94 - July00 Medical discharge
Fire Controlman Petty Office Second Class ( If it flies, It dies!)
U.S.S. George Washington (CVN 73)
Man I miss those days. But I've got a family now and wouldn't want to leave them behind while I went underway again. It takes a stronger person than me.
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Air Force 93-96.

Did Satcom in a FACP (Forward Air Control Package) Had a good time, but don't regret getting out either.
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Was in the Army 1986-1993. Staff Sergeant. LRSD (abn) 7th Inf Div, and Aco. 4/325 Inf 82nd Abn. Panama Invasion 89 and Desert Shield/Desert Storm 1990-1991.
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Joined the Utah Army National Guard 625th Military Police Co. while a Senior in High School in 1975. Was honorably discharged in 1984. 1st enlistment was 6 years and then re-upped for 3 more. Was a Staff Sgt. when I was dischaged. Although my primary job was a Squad Leader, I also filled a Training NCO postition and was an acting Platoon Sgt. when I got out.
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01/66 - 10/69
Sgt USAF, Member of 8th Air Force.
Ground Crew Cheif B-52's
Clinton Sherman AFB, - Burns Flat Oklahoma
Andersen AFB, - Guam (ARC-LIGHT Misson)
Kadena AFB, - Okinawa
U-Tapao Air Base, - Sattahip Thailand
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USMC, Captain, 87-91
Desert Shield/Storm and a couple of "less" publicized things.
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U.S. Army Infantry (11B1P)
Basic and Airborne school at Ft. Benning, GA - Mar 94 - Jul 94
82nd Airborne Division, B Co. 1/504, Ft. Bragg, NC - Jul 94 - Jan 96
Southern European Task Force (SETAF) C Co 3/325, 1/508, Vicenza, Italy - Jan 96 - Jan 99

Got to spend a good amount of time in Germany (Graf, Hohenfels, Nurnberg, Munich, etc.), due to the fact that we had no training areas in Italy.
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1996-2000 19k Gunner M-1 Abrams
2/107th Cav Ohio National Guard

2000-2004 95B Military Police
320th MP Unit
Florida Reserves

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US Army from 86 to 91
782nd Maint. Bn.
82nd Airborne Division
27E Tow/Dragon Missile Technician
Desert Sheild/Storm
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Glad to meet my fellow Vets.

Ted Williams
Electronics Technician First Class (ET-1 SW)
Served US Navy 83 - 93
84-87 USS Towers DDG-9 (deployed Yokosuka Japan) 2 WESTPACS leading up to Gulf War 1.
91-93 USS Nimitz CVN-68 (Bremerton WA)
Various bases for school (Memphis, Nofolk, Chicago, and San Diego).

Had to get out because divorce was emanent and I could not have that. Still married 23 years this month, yeah.
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US Army 72-76 (joined not drafted)
Computer Operator
Ft Monroe
Ft Sheridan (closed)
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Air Force 76-80
26th Norad Control Center
Luke AFB
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drafted from mercant marines 1970 stayed in untill 1975..U.S. Army
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Huey Simmons
US Navy
NAS Miramar VF-2
U.S.S Ranger CV61
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I think this is a very worthy thread to make my first post in...

- separated as Sgt (E4)

'86-'87 - Thule Airbase, Greenland - BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System) Surveillance Radar Operator
'87-'90 - Tyndall AFB - Panama City, Fla - SE Sector; Surveillance Radar Operator
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185th FW IANG, March 25 1986-Sept. 6 2006 Construction Equip. Oper.
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Ahhh! Thule Greenland. I always heard that there is a woman behind every tree there, that true?
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It's really nice to see a lot of us vets here. Guess we all know what good food is instead of the chow hall stuff..

USMC - Infantry - Camp Pendleton 93-95 LCPL - Messed up knee and shoulder so I'm a disabled vet....wanted to be a lifer and would still go back today if they would take me :)

Semper FI and ooohhhrah to you all!
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