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New in Kansas

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I'm just south of Kansas City Kansas
I have 2 ECB's and a Brinkmann Grill King Delux that I'm thinking about hanging a firebox off the side and turning into a smoker.
I have mainly used 1 ECB for smoking Jalapenos before pickling them. Nothing like a couple smoked pickled jalapeno strips on a burger in the middle of the winter.

Actual smoking of meat I've put a turkey in the ECB for Thanksgiving for a couple hours and finished off in the oven a couple times.

I was wondering if there was a thread with the pros and cons of Vertical vs Horizontal smokers?
And whether It would be a good idea to convert my Grill King to a horizontal smoker.


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Welocme Chrome,

Back Up Here And Tell Me About These Pickled Jalies. Just What Town Do You Hail From??
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I slice jalapenos thin lengthwise, cover the grate with steel window screen and smoke the jalapenos till they are rubbery. Then I pack them tight in mason jars with lemon juice and cider vinegar. Do the normal pressure cooker thing... They're killer :)
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Welcome to the site...........Glad to have you here..........
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Welcome to SMF from Topeka!
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Welcome to the forum!!
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Welcome - from one Kansas newbie to another!
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welcome, youll enjoy the folks and all the knowledge you gain from here.
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Welcome to the forum. Its a great place.
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Thanks for the welcome everyone. I've been lurking for a few weeks, and just figured it was time.

A lot of great info on this site.
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Chrome, Welcome to the SMF. Those Japs sound just great. Someone will be along with comments for you I am sure. If not, use the search feature as it can dig up a lot.
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