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New Air Force smoker

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Hey ya'll. I'm stationed at Keesler AFB in Mississippi and got a propane smoker recently. I love to grill, but have no experience with a smoker. I hope to get it fired up later this week. This looks like a great site. I've got a tri-tip roast in the fridge that I was going to grill, but I might smoke it instead. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Welcome to the site Goose.........Glad to have you here........Thanks for the good work you guys are doing for all of us........You might want to take the 5 day ecourse, its free and lots of great info there too......
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Welcome to SMF Sir! Tri-tip's a good smoking cut. Can't get 'em here...grrr.. Anyway, do a search for tri-tip. Also sign up for the 5 day ecourse. Great info there. Grilling and smoking are ALOT different, as you will soon know pat! Enjoy!
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Welcome aboard Goose!
Glad to have you here. I agree with the other post, Tri tip is a great cut of meat to smoke. Let us know how yours turns out. And don't forget the pictures. And by the way, I also agree with the suggestion to take the five day smoking e course. Again, welcome aboard.
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Welcome to the SMF, Goose. Thanks for all you have done and will do for this great nation.
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Welcome aboard from a dirt pig biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum! If you have any questions about smoking, don't hesitate to ask. There are lots of folks here with lots of experience.
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Welcome to the forum!! And we can't forget a big thank you for serving our country!!
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Welcome to the forum.

I went through Satcom school at Keesler in 93. Good times.
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welcome and thanks for your service!!!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Welcome aboard my zoomie brother! Read up in here whenever you want to try something new, you can bet the farm that someone in this awesome smoking family has done what you want to try and can get you on the short path to successful smokes!
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