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beer can chix and a brisket.

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Just put them on at noon.

Plan on eating chicken today, and brisket tomorrow.

Plus a little for the guys at work.

third pic is my own version of lump charcoal.. With a bucket full for the next time as well.
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Almost forgot.. the gizzards are there for a mid-smokin' snack. I'll eat those babies about halfway thru.
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Lookin like a fine start on them vittles! Them gizzards is good eats too, like em with a little flower,salt and pepper then fry em up! Found me recipe for picklin em too, gonna have to give that a whirl! May the smoke gods smile upon yer cooker!
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dman - nice job so far on the q-vue! The chickens look good and so does that brisket! Looking forward to seeing the results!
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dman- them chickens lookin' good. Gizzards as a snack half way thru is genius. Pop a top. Good smokin'.
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Well.. The chickens were waaaaaay better than my last ones. I didn't even have to chew the meat. It was like eating cotton candy.
They were done in 4.5 hours.

Damn brisket is STILL on. Going on 9 hours now. It was just a little 6 pounder. It's been stuck at 188 for over an hour now.

Something else weird happened as well. I opened the lid up at 170 and wrapped it in foil. Stuck the therm back in and closed the lid.. Then it read 155.

I had it in the thickest part the first time, and put it back in just about the same spot after the foil. Is it possible it lost 10 degrees just by foiling it and flipping it? I had to have had the therm in a bad spot is all?!?!
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Careful about bringing on the fury of the smoke gods by damning the brisket! That can get you 5 lbs of lump charcoal in no time!!! But without an explaination, my last brisket also seemed to *lose* 10 degrees in the short time it took to foil it and get it back on the heat.
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I never even took it off the grates. I opened the lid, took the therm out wrapped some foil on top, flipped it, put another piece of foil on it.. made sure it was wrapped pretty good, put the therm back in and closed the lid. Viola. less than a full minute, and I dropped 15 degrees. Had to be the therm just in a bad spot.

N E way.. took the 6 lb'er 9.5 hours. I brought it in at 191.

I didn't trim this one at all, and I think I'll make sure I trim them from now on. This one turned out kinda greasy.
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