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London Broil smoke

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I got some really nice looking LB's at the Bi-Lo last night. They are certified Angus beef, and were BOGO at $4.99/lb, so in essence $2.50/lb.

I rubbed one with steak seasonings and put in the fridge in saran wrap. I'm going to soak the other in Dale's for an hour out of the fridge.

Ultimate goal is thin slices, and steak fajitas with sour cream, cheese, guacamole, more cheese, pico, and more cheese.

Quick question-I have read the numerous sear/not to sear posts. I have a Jenn-Air grill, but don't have the infra-red sear thingy on it. I don't want to cook the meat internally on the grill at all. I want it to go low and slow in the TBS. Should I still crank the grill up all the way and cook on both sides for around 2 minutes? Will it make a big difference?

I'm going to take to 130* and let rest in foil for about 20 minutes, then slice it up.

I'll have Q-view to follow. They will hit the smoker around 4:00 EST today.
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I sered mine at only 525 and it seems to work fine. Next time I will try 700 to see if it makes a difference.
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Abelman, your post is the inspiration for me doing the LB. That was some of the best looking meat I've seen. I'm going to sear for about 2 minutes per side, with the grill open. Hopefully, this will help from cooking the inside.

Wonder if it would be better to sear inside in a hot cast iron skillet instead of using the grill?
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Thanks for the compliment. I seared that with the grill closed for what it's worth.

I don't see why a cast iron skillet wouldn't work as well. Actually, that's a great idea. I figure the searing is only 5 minutes total +/- depending on temp and the work is done on the smoker.

I'm sure you'll do fine and I look forward to some Q-view and more importatnly, how it tastes.
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Here's the cuts of meat, one rubbed in steak seasonings and wrapped, the other still in the pack about to soak:

Here they are setting out for an hour to rest and get happy:

On the grill for 2 minutes each side to sear:

They are now in the TBS, about an hour in. I will post more pics later. It's getting close to fajita time! biggrin.gif
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Looks like you're off to a great start to a tasty meal! Keep the q-vue coming, and great job! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Can I change the name of my post to add W/Q-view?
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Not QUITE a sear in that pict... close... I find hot cast or flames on the pit will do the job nicely. You want fat melting a bit and general singed condition for a good sear on larger hunks.

BTW... I have a post somewhere on seasoning/rubbing AFTER the sear. Read the last post of mine in the sear/not to sear thread.

On Edit:
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I was going to use a cast iron skillet to sear, but they wouldn't fit. Maybe I should say "getting pretty grill marks" instead of searing. icon_wink.gif

I knew I wouldn't get a good sear from my grill, but gave it a shot.

About an hour and a half in, time to check the temps.
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Looking good so far. Fajitas sound great. Think I'm gonna throw on some chicken now.
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Those ARE some pretty grill makes tho! Sure it'll be great!
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Looks pretty damn good........Good job..........
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