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morning all finally cooking my 1st fattie and was wondering if someone could help me figure why I lost my TBS? icon_sad.gifI have a smoke hollow elec. cooking @225 .I used a mixture of dry and wet chips. about 50/50 first hour was fine than no more smoke. I can't see it or smell it. temp has been steady. Thanks in advance. Tony
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forgot to say there is still plenty of chips in my chip box with no signs of being burnt?? Am I wrong in assumeing the wood should slowly burn to ash or at least turn somewhat black?
Thanks again.
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Shake the pan, stettle them to the bottom. And read up on mods for that. I'm not a wattburner, but seems I recall something about those...
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In my opinion, get rid them wet chips, yall need to shake the pan from time to time to keep em over the hot spot in that electric. Don't know what yall got fer a pan, ifin it be one them heavy cast iron ones, I don't use it, wen't to a 9X9 cake pan instead, heats up a might faster! Mine will start a smokin to much, so I cover with aluminum foil and poke a few holes in it, when them chunks has burnt down a bit and the smoke is a gettin to thin, I pull off the foil. Works fer me, hope it heps you.
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Thanks for the imput

well this newbie thinks he has it figured out. The TBS I thought I was seeing this morning, I don't think was smoke. It was only 32 out and I believe it was steam from my water trayicon_frown.gif. After reading instructions over for the 3rd or 4th time it finely hit me on what I was doing wrong. When I cured it I played with the controls to see where I had to have it set for 225 so when I turned it on thats where I had it set. Instructions said to turn on high till you reach proper temp. then turn down.I finely realized I had to have the elec. heat element on high to get the chip box heated up to get the wood chips smoking. Finely got TRUE TBS goingicon_smile.gif. I thought my fattie tasted OK but was missing the smoke ring. Now I bet I will find what everyone is raving about.
Thanks for trying to help. This newbie got a lot to learn.
Thanks again,
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also.........like tip said........thinner metal.........use a empty tuna fish can, or cat food cat.......perfect height.........and thinner metal, won;t take as much heat to penetrate the metal...........just a thought
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