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Hey ya'll, silly question from a local store only has corned beef brisket.....Is this the type everybody else is smoking ? It does not look like all the que views I am seeing.....
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I prefer plain beef brisket... Corned beef brisket is pretty salty, though some soak em for days before smoking, changing the water to pull some saly out. hope this helps
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Plain Brisket Here. We Crock Pot The Corned Beef Brisket. My Daughters Crave That Corned Beef Brisket. Good Stuff. Love Them Girls. Good Luck W/ Future Smokes.
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Greetings fellow Vol fan. I smoked a corned beek brisket. I soaked it 24 hours, changing the water every 2-3 hours. When you smoke it, it turns out like pastrami. Slice it thin, and it's reuben time!

It was still a tad salty after 24 hours. Next time, I'm going 48.

Good luck on the smoke, and Go Vols!

BTW- don't let Ramar or Duke around your smoke. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Corn Beef Brisket

I use the plain brisket, but i have also used the corn beef. If you use apple juice for the first couple of changes instead of water, that will take out alot of the salt.
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The last one I did as everyone else, Soak and change every 2 to 3 hours. I was only able to do it for about 8 hrs because lack of time, then I rubbed it good with course black pepper and into the smoker.. It was great like Voldaddy said it is pastrami and man is it good.... Give it a shot, you'll luv it... GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Corned beef brisket is a brine cured brisket that when smoked yields pastrami. I think your looking for a fresh beef brisket. Maybe someone will come along with some pics.
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