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Ribs er On!

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Got bout 4 pounds beef ribs slathered up in yeller mustard and Malibu rub, just went on the top rack of the smoker. These are a snack not a meal. Q-view to follow as always yall.
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Sounds like a nice lil' snacky, Tip. The malibu rub sounds like a winner! Look forward to your pics.
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cant wait to see em trav!!! good luck!!!
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A snack sounds good. Never tried Malibu rub, where did you pick that one up?
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Found the Malibu rub at Gordmans dept store. Have seen it online as well. Not bad.
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Here's the q-view on the beef ribs, they tasted excellent, but da ain't gonna win no beauty contest!

Not sure what I'll do different next time, Like I said, there mighty tastey, just ain't pertty.
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They look good to me. I've got 2 slabs of beef ribs sittin in the fridge getting ready for Sun. Gonna give the ABTs a try too.
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Tip! go cat go, beef ribs are a bird of a different feather. Dont act like pork on the bone. Not pretty but taste good, bingo.
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Looks good to me! I could snack on those anytime PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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even if they didn't win a beauty contest the main thing is they tasted good-great job Tip & what all is in the malibu rub?
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Bob, the Malibu rub is a commercial rub that momma picked out, one of her favorite drinks, says it's got: Onion, salt, orange peel, foriander, black pepper, and the flavor of Malibu rum which is coconut flavored.

It's alright, not my favorite rub, but momma likes it.
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