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Cooking a 8.5 lb brisket and a Turkey Breast

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The turkey will be for later today and the brisket will be for dinner tomorrow as I have guests coming into town. As long as the Cards beat the Cubs, it will be a perfect day. Oh, did I mention there is a fresh case of Miller Lite in the fridge? God Bless the end of winter!!!!!!!!!
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Nice Smoker,

Is that a home made one? Like to see some more pics of her opened up:-)

The food looks good too---You basting the breasts?
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Looks like your meat is well rubbed! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif Nice looking cuts, the brisket looks especially good!

Keep the q-vue updated!
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I bought this smoker in Northwest Illinois. It was built by a retired welder using bent steel from a specialty shop in Rockford, IL. I believe it is 1/4 inch. It is a brick S*#$house!!!! It is equipped with propane(which I use only to burn crap off the rack) and I have modified the bottom with a metal tube with holes to direct the heat evenly. I am in discussion with a welder presently to have a 1/4 inch shelf built on the bottom to get a reverse flow and have more even heating. It works well now but I know when I get that sheet in there conducting heat evenly it will make it even easier for me. I believe I will have brackets welded in and then set the steel sheet over the brackets. It needs to be removable so I can clean the bottom. I will get more pics later as I won't be able to show the inside as I have meat on.

The turkey breast is around 7 lbs and I have great luck in the past with them. Pull the skin back and apply garlic salt and pepper liberally. Cook until about 165-170. That puppy will be a perfect pinkish color on the inside and is great with sandwiches. I have had cookouts where I make ribs, pulled pork and turkey and everyone raves about the turkey. Maybe that says something about my ribs and pulled pork!
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Sounds like a nice unit!! The turkey sounds good too---Thats the temp I like to bring mine up to too----YUM. Enjoy!!!

If you get a chance, since she is an original, post some pics of her on the link below. The thread is a really great browsing tool for different smokers and pics!!

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