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Buying wood

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Does anyone in the Tampa area know where to get wood? I'm SICK of using Wal-Mart hickory. I'd like to buy locally. Alternatively, does anyone know where to buy wood that won't cost an arm and a leg for shipping?
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If you dont mind seasoning it. Try a local tree service. They cut lots of oak, and might have some pecan.

Also just north of tampa they just built a Gander Mountian on 75 they carry some.
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Another recommendation is to check out some local pool and patio stores in the area. I just recently found out that one of them by my house has an excellent outdoor bbq area with a wide variety of bbq / smoker accessories. Finally got some high quality hardwood lump and am happy to know where to get it (BGE lump charcoal).

Good luck!
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Not too familiar with Tampa except its warm down there. Do you have any fruit orchads that might have apple or cherry trees? If there are any give them a call and see if they sale their trimmings or even better give it away.
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