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Big butt party

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A freind got me to smoke some butts for his wedden reception, been with her long enuff so it's gonna be a hel l ova party. Got 8 butts on now, and another freind is going to do some more pork parts tommarow. more qveiw to come, i'm dealen with dial up and forin photo resizeing soft wear, photo bucket will be my next project.
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Looking good, smokebuzz! Can't wait to see the outcome. Photobucket is very easy to use or I could never post a pic.biggrin.gif
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Hey smokebuzz, hope you had a good windbreak. It's been howling all night up here.
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Thats a pretty big spread ya got goin'!! Lookin good!!!
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Looks like you got your work cut out for ya!! Hope everything goes well for you, and post some finish pics for us to drool over! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Hey buzz: them there piggy hineys is lookin good already! got a fair mount work head of ya fer the day! Lucky friends havin sombuddy like you to make there weddin day special with fine vittles! Good luck and great smoke friend!

Oh, and photo bucket is an easy! Couple pictures and yer gonna have er down pat!
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Here is the rest of the pics.Things turn out great, put 68#'s of (8) butts on at 11pm fri. nite, started pulling them off and in to a cooler at 11:15am sat, last one came off at 3 and we had them pulled ,into roaster pans and at the party at 5:00. Started with 45# of meat in the roasters and came home with about 14#, and there was 40? people, do the math on that one, i think they liked it. Just glad the 75 that was invited didn't all show, might have got ugly. I know Mike had the best wedding recption he could imagine,or at least food wise. His mom made the tater salad and pasta salads, they were great.

Just a little side note on how i got sucked into doing this. Mike called wed. nite to make sure i was coming( its 90 miles), and told me he and another freind was going to cook all the meat, he gives me the details of how our other freind was going to cook them, I $HIT, he was going to run 2 batches,4 each, for 4 hours. so i told him i would drag my smoker down and do them all at once,correctly, so i did. We still give the other freind 3 little butts at about 3# each, (dont ask on the size,it was 1 butt sliced into 3) and he did them in 3 hours, i now know what shoe leather tastes like, he used no rub or mop.
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SB - looks like it was a successful smoke, congrats to the bride and groom!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man that looks good....

Way to go smokebuzz.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Can't imagine what the 3 hour butts were like! Good thing you were in charge of the rest of the meat!
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KEWL BEANS MAN!!.......looks like you saved the day!!.....or at least the meal.....heh. Looks pretty tasty, bud!....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

post #11 of 18 wondered how them lil 3 lbers was going to turn out...............LMAO

other than that............LOOLKING good buddy............points for you for coming thru for your buddy, but draggin your horz. smoker down that far
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The other smoker would not hold all 8 of them, had to take mine, and besides I know how mine runs
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That's What Friends Do For Each Other. You Knew He Needed Ya. You Made His Party A Success And That's What Life Is. Nice Job.
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Great save I'm sure your friend was thrilled not having to eat shoe leather PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here is a bid ole at'ta boy with points !!!
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Aaahhh, buzz, we'll move ya one step further up the windin staircase ta heaven fer bein such a swell guy! Yer buddy really appreciates ya savin the day I'm sure. Sounds like yall had fine eats there!
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Looks great, I had been waiting for you to post the address. icon_sad.gif
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Why does "disco" keep coming to mind when I see the title to this post? Baby got Back!?!
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