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sorry guys, had some tech delays on my end, be right back with the conclusion!eek.gif
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Okay, here is the bonless weight of the spares

so yes, there appears to be more meat on spares, and after a family taste test with bones removed and no one cept me knew which was which, they all said that the BB's were more tender and moist, but the taste was pretty much even between each type.
Cost wise the BB's were 3.49 Lb. and the spares were 1.69 a lb, but with the loss of 35-40 % from trimming, that puts the price around 3 bucks a lb. Thanks for playing along folks, and hope my excuse to smoke a bunch of ribs was at least entertaining!
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Well done! I'm doing some St. Louis spares tomorrow. (I hate to tell everyone this, but I purchased a case of 12 racks pre-trimmed to St. Louis style through my friend Chef Cathy at wholesale. The cost - $2.45 a lb)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Nicely done, but I could have saved you the trouble and told you that BB are better ;)
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Dan, Nice work. I like that you went with the 'data' approach. Thanks.

By the way, I cannot take credit for what you and Rich had in that rib sauce last weekend.
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I guess no matter what in the end you still get to eat ribs. Good looking grub dan.

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Looks pretty Yummy,

Good excuse for science!!

That 40% of trimmings---are you including the usable boneless trimmings (that I love for beans and snacks) as waste? I am trying to figure out if you are comparing bone racks with bone racks or all usable meat with all usable meat?

All in all---looks great:-)

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Thanks for performing the experiment, Capt. Now when someone asks me about the difference in meat between BBs and full slabs, I have the knowledge!! biggrin.gif
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Yes Steve, I am considering the"other meat" when I say the 35-40% loss. That stuff is not good for too much as far as I am concerned, If I wanted tough chewy pork, I could slice a pork butt and cook it fast in 4 hrs!. If you have a recipe for it, thats a good thing, but I don't. I tried it today, and we even smoked it up last weekend at the comp too. Cocka!PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
I know Ron, I actually have said the same for months now. I just wanted to confirm, have an entertaining thread, and an excuse to fill the main rack of the smoker!

I think If I was a sausage grinder kinda guy, that extra flap and brisket meat might be good for that.
Glad everyone got a kick out of the "study".
Meowy, that's a great price for trimmed spares, well worth it!icon_smile.gif
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You should apply for a Govt. grant of some kind so you can continue your research. Then you can afford to hire an assistant. Let me be the first to apply for that position!

Great job!
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LOL... Boy you pulled that off well! Mad Scientist Points!
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I think...

I think what you are saying is that the flap is not counted in the study---in other words---is it counted as waste? I get confused sometimes with the english language when reading it:-(

Cook looks awesome!

I like to pull the flaps early and snack or give out little pieces before its too dry, but most of all, I chop it up save it for my next batch of smoked bbq beans which end up getting re-smoked in a dutch oven on the Lang:-)

Nice Job,

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the flap and brisket area is what I consider waste. I will have to try the saving for beans thing. I had bacon in my beans yesterday. The D.O. in the Lang is a good idea too! You are full of good ideas.icon_smile.gif
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Those tips from last weekend dan...I tossed a couple in a pot of saurkraut...excellent!
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