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New Double smoker firebox question

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I have a question about a new double smoker I am building and really need some yall's advice. I am using two tanks from a New Holland dozer for my smoker boxes. They are 24" wide and 48" long. I am going to put them back to back and put the whole thing on a trailer. Trying to figure out the firebox is kicking my rear. I don't know whether to:

1. Make one firebox and connect it to each smoker
2. Make a firebox for each side

and then

1. Connect the firebox directly to the smoker or use a small extension of 6"-8" pipe so that too much heat won't be on the firebox side.

I was going to try to send a picture of the tank I was using for the smoker but I have no idea how to post it on here. They are basically a flatter tank aproximately 16" tall by 24" deep and 48" long.


This is a great resource. I have be looking and watching for about a year but this is my first post.

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Here is the link for postin pics, i had trouble alsobiggrin.gif


As far as Firebox configurations im sure someone in here can help. Without pics its a bit harder and for me I have not made my own pit.......yet!!

welcome to the forum.
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Tanks I'm using

Here is a picture of the tanks I am using. THere will be two of them back to back.


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Man I look the look of that tank, might be a bitxh burning the diesel out of it though. Have you thought of connecting the firebox with standoff pipes to each tank and installing a damper / shutoff valve in one pipe side so you could smoke on one side only for smaller cooks? Just a thought, but thats going to look sweet when your done.
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That's exactly where my thoughts have been lately. Thanks for the input. I guess 6" diameter pipe would work OK?
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