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Beef Sirloin ?

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My wife just grabbed a beef sirloin that's about 10 pounds. (I think that's what it's called anyway..) It's a huge hunk of pretty lean, good looking beef. I'm guessing we can make sirloin tips and what not but I'm wondering what else can be done with it? Can you cut off a nice slice and treat it like London Broil? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! By the way, she bought it because it was ridiculously cheap!
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Pretty sure you can slice it and grill it like a sirloin steak.
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If you have 10 lbs of meat instead of grilling the whole thing why not try cutting it up in 5 2lb pieces and try different things such as:

Slow cook one 2lb pc and make Shredded BBQ beef sandwiches with some melted Asiago.

Cube up another 2lber into pcs and do kabobs with grape tomatoes onions drizzled with Balsamic vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, and garlic

Cut up another into big chunks butterfly them and stuff them with Crab imperial.

Of course grill and smoke them.

Hope this helps enjoy your 10lbs of beef
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do like kratos mentioned

then smoke a section, and turn it into french dips.......
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Thanks for all of the great suggestions! I'm glad she bought it!
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Here's a link to one I did. Get a nice chunk of that in the smoker PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif.
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With the tasty suggestions made by Kratos, might not hurt to get one more to put in the freezer! icon_surprised.gif
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Wow DaveNH, that's a beauty! Might just have to pop back by and see if any more are available!
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I buy beef and pork sirloin at costco, mix 60/40 beef/pork and grind for hamburgers and meat loaf for smoker. Makes a nice burger...
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well, sprinkle some garlic pwdr, black pepper, paprka, let her set 20 minutes then put koshers salt on (make kinda of a crust) but her on the rotisserie, make yer self a basic beer mop too paint on every 30 minutes R so.
then wait while induglin in adult beverages. might i suggest startin with a "4 cuber" four ice cubes ( small glass) pour gin over ice.gently swirl around get the gin a little dizzy and chilled. then plop three large jalepeno stuffed olives in to the glass. this is easy to replicate. remember to keep an eye on the meat..if you have more then 4..have some one else keep an eye on the meat..enjoy..
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"4 Cuber" eh? Sounds mighty good, might have to indulge in one or 4 tonight! Thanks!
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