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Found bb's on sale !!!!!

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I got 3 racks of bb's for 2.77 a # today. It's the first time I've seen them on sale in over a year. They're usually 3.99 a# so I was happy to find them for that price. Wish I had more funds I would've bought more and put in the freezer. That's the way it goes though.

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I rarely buy them much anymore. I did pick up some spares the other day for $1.49 a lb. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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At that price... I would have moved some of my frozen New Mexico chile to another fridge just for the room.
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Don't it always work out that way? Ya find a swingin deal and the treasure chest is runin low! Or well, least ways ya got some!
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Co worker called me this Wed. and said she had found spares for .69 cents a pound!!!!! I felll off my chair and asked her to pick up as much as she could afford and that I would pay her back in the am. She turns up at work with like 13# of spares!!! 10bucks out the door!! I heard they sold out in 4 hrs. word gets around!!!

I was expected mostly bones and alot of fat. Not bad lookin at all. 3 of them are st. louis just to fit in the packs they had.
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Wow. That is a good deal! I think the best price I've seen here was the Winn Dixie Buy-One-Get-One deal, which put them at about $2.00/lb.
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