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Good luck, my new friends!

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I just want to wish all my new friends from the last comp, a safe trip to southern Ill. and good luck with your teams/food. May the weather be better and your smoke be thin and blue!

I bet that some of them are heading out this afternoon, or very early on Friday.

Smokin Scotsman
All Day Smoke
Great lakes BBQ & Feed
Extreme Roasters

Please let us know how it goes Theresa, or Bubba. I'll be thinkin about you guys!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Weather report... windy with strong gusts, rain and a strong cold front moving through overnight... sounds familiar. Might be just the ticket for a repeat of last weekend's performance.
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I'll second the good wishes! Go git 'em guys!
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Good luck you all. Where in southern IL?
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Found it: just south of Centrailia off I57.

Southwestern Illinois Spring Festival


Wamac, IL
Starts: 05/02/2008
Ends: 05/03/2008

Prize Money: $3000.00

Contact Information:
Shane Swartzlander
25105 Benning Road
Centralia, IL 62801
Phone: 618-204-2523
Fax: 618-533-5703
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I'll pass on the good words guys.....had to stay home this weekend but will be in touch with the crew and will keep ya'll updated!! wink.gif
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I have a store in Centrailia. When and where is the comp? I may have to stop in for some "quality inspection".
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Check the link above. Starts on Friday.
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Anybody hear anything about the clan. I was hoping for an update. I bet the weather was a factor AGAIN! 2 weeks in a row, crazy fri-sat weather with a very nice sunday following!PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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They took an 8th in pork, finished 13th overall....
I'm guessing the weather didn't fare well with them!
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