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2 1/2 Butts on a Sunday + Beans

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I was planning to send these pics to a new member (MartinHouse2000) so I thought I would post them up here. He wanted to see what I hold the hickory chunks in.

I got two 1/2 Butts at 4.5 lbs thinking they save some time. (and take 6-8 hrs) Well it took them 11 hrs to get to an internal temp of 202!

Before rub

After rub applied

Thin Blue Smoke going okay (video)
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Here is the pie pan I put the hickory chunks in. I have used something to hold it 'off' the element before but it takes long enough to get it going like this. However, as you can see they ignite so that can spike the smoker temp.

Did my first batch of Dutch's beans. The guys loved them.

Took 7-8 hrs to hit 165 for foiling... ouch

After cooler time of 1.5 hrs - right before being pulled

One happy customer
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Awesome job. Nice butts there and bet they were tasty.
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Congrats nice job!
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Great looking grub..............Looks mighty tasty too...........
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Nice job Glen, I really don't think that cutting butts in half will gain ya much time. I myself haven't had much luck trying that or found that smaller ones get done before the monsters. I have found that even, country style ribs( filet O Butt) take 7-9 hrs to get to the pulling consistency. That little shaver has got his dads eyes, I bet he will make a good Q chef some day.

When layin the beans under butts and ribs, I have found that it should be done just a half hr to 1 hr before they are to be foiled(for best drippings taste, and not too much fat) If they are left over the beans too long, then the beans may get a lil greasy.

Greasy beans and a BBQ colon, can mean a wardrobe change unexpectedly!eek.gif

Nice Q view!
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Great smoke Glen! POINTS!

Whatta cute kid! Keep up the good work!
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Exsolent smoke!!! I love the video it catches what I was trying to tell a buddy last nite while he was "smokin" some salmon. White and puffy, rollin smoke outta the stack!PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

Great lookin grub there Glen!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks for the pics Glen. That helps. See ya this weekend for my first smoke..
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Dan, Completely agree on time. These took 11 hrs. No point in getting the half size butts anymore. (may as well fill the smoker)

Also, I did not get the beans in until about 5-6 hrs into the smoke (SMF was done so had to get recipe confirmed from you) so I timed it well by accident.

Yea, my weight is changing but I battle it by increasing my mileage in the summer in the better weather. (I am a runner) However, you can ALWAYS intake MORE Q than you can burn off exercising!
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Thanks. He looks cute when eating Q but he and his older bro are active to say the least. They would have made Dominic look like an angel this past Sat with what they sometimes get into as well.
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Yes, agree a video helps you document and communicate it even better. Someone else did it here a couple of weeks back so that is how I knew photobucket could handle it.
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