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Buffalo Window Screen Jerky, 2nd Batch.

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I did up a batch of Buffalo jerky a couple weeks ago and used a light cure on it overnight. Turned out wayyyyyyy too salty, so time to try a second batch a bit different.
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yummy smelling!

Got the buffalo slices out of the marinade, finger licking good right now!
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Let me send you my address in case you have any left over...biggrin.gif

Looks awesome.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Just pulled my meat.

I dunno, I'm very happy with the batch, but still dissapointed at the same time.
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Heapomeat .... try skewering your meat with stainless rods ...and hang the rods across the top rack holder for the masterbuilt ... I made some out of ss welding rods .... easy to do with a mini grinder great ...

also play with your temps up high for a few min to get the smoke going then cut it back to about 125 .... when smoke dies down do the routine again ... up and down throughout your smoke .... it will take longer approx 7 hrs with the meat cut the thickness you stated , but you will have a more uniform / consistent finish to your batches ...

here's a pic of what I do...

also don't use any liquid in the water pan ... it only hinders drying the meat .
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thank tim for you tips.........
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Sorry Heapomeat ... I shoulda stated that the meat must first be cured before using that low of temp .... I use alot of the Hi-Mountain products ..good stuff PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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So on a scale of 1 - 10, how salty do the hi-mountain products make your meat? I'm more a low-sodium kind of guy.

thanks for your input.
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I don't like overly salty either ... from 1 to 10 .... I give em a 2 ...IMHO .
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Why use a water pan if you are dehydrating the meat icon_question.gif
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even heat

In the masterbuilt electric smoker, the heat box is about 5" x 8" in a 14" x 20" smoker........I think (feel IMHO) that the water pan helps distribute the heat all across the bottom of the the water pan a diffuser. Even with the pan, the meat right over the smoke box definately gets more well done than other areas. Next batch I might rotate shelfs top to bottom too.
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Heapo, keep after it man. Thats why they call it smoking. Nobody has gotten it perfect the first few times(and then some). As always, experience pays off. We all learn each time. Love the jerky. Rotation is always good imo. Keep the good q-view coming.
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thanks for the good words.........yup, never give up!

The 24 hour soak in Yoshidas really tastes good. And has kept real well several weeks later just in zip lock bags in the fridge. nibble nibble munch munch.........

I love giving it away to other people, they LOVE it.....
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Heap next attempt on jerky try rotating your racks on the hour such as top down to bottom and move the others up one. If you have enough thermometers take a heat reading at the bottom rack and top rack. In my GOSM Big Block I have a 20 degree different from bottom to top.
Hi Mountain Seasons Jerky rubs cannot be beat.
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Tim, that looks great. I did the same thing but with thinner strips. First time and it turned out great. I like the S/S welding wire idea. I'll have to steel some from the shop tomorrow. You new Moncton? You have the same smoker I just got.

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