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wink.gifbiggrin.gif Go Gators !!!
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Never had smoked gator either...I know it's dang good fried though!
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I'm going to watch your thread too, plenty of gator in this part of the country but like someone else mentioned low and slow equals rubber. Even over frying lizard meat can make it rubbery. Cooked just right its the best though and I for one don't think it "tastes like chicken". I'm also giving you points just for trying this, be sure and post with some Qview!
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Yeah...yuck it up but this year is different.......heck you guys still getting over the sting of losing to michigan?!?!?!?PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif

PS...TEBOW still sux!
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Yep, atleast Michigan has a team. biggrin.gif You gotten over the sting of losing 3 National Championships to SEC teams?

Alas, we shouldn't derail this thread. We'll have plenty of time for football coming up. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hi just a update on Saturday smoke.

1/4 cups Salt
3/4 cups Sugar
Lemon juice to taste
1/4 Tbs Black pepper
1/2 Tbs Garlic Powder
1/2 Tbs onion Powder
1 Tbs Tarragon Leaves
1/2 Ts Seasoned Pepper
1/2 Ts Lemon Pepper
1/2 ts Cayen Pepper
1 Tbs Poultry Seasoning


Shrimp Wrap

Dry Rub

Gator will be ready to take out of brine around 9:00Pm. will wash
and let Dry for a couple of hrs then dry rub and wrap. Will start my
smoking around 7:00am hope it will all come together by 12
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That looks like a very interesting thing to smoke.............
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Saturday Gator Finished

Started at 7:00am by 8:00 had it all in the smoker:


Gator and Bacon Wrap Oysters

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Saturday Gator parts 3

Had too many pictures so here some more:

Wife said to tell yall that as far as the gator goes it was great.
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you friggin win. what a way to finish this thread. Nice smoke my friendPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow Butch,

Nothing Like Fresh Gator. Did He Get In The Pool And Made Ya Mad Or Did You Go Get'm In Swamp. Cool Smoke. Nice To See Something Different.
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Great job. Looks good, how did it taste?
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The taste was great on all of the smoke. The gator was smoke until cust form, then cool cut and breaded with cornmeal and deepfried, it was great just the right amount of smoke taste and boy was is it juicie, while smoking had it under the bacon wrap shrimp and oyster.
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no WaysideRanch lucky there a gator farm just around the bend, and the old boy just like
my smoke gator jerk, and pulled pork.
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Nice wrap up to the roll call Butch.
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