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MES, how many watts?

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Some friends and I are talking about putting together a pot luck next weekend and I'm thinking of bringing my MES and smoking some ribs, or maybe a butt, doesn't matter what really, just that I'd like to smoke something.

The downside is that we'll be in a campground away from electricity. So I'm wondering how many watts an MES pulls during full heatup? I wonder if I could run it off a generator. Does anyone know how many watts the heating element is rated for?

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thank you! I should easily be able to handle that with my 1850.
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Sounds like a good excuse to grab another smoker.........that doesn't have a cord. LOL
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lol... that might just be an option too... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yep it never hurts to have more than one !! wink.gifrolleyes.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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yup & I sure wouldn't want to be your neighbor camping next to a generator running that long.
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In the {30" or 40"?} thread for MES, most people said that if you could, get the 40" even though times to heat might take longer because they both used the same element. Above, TH says otherwise. Can anyone verify this one way or the other?

Also as a side-note: I wanted to cut and paste this quote and put it into the 30-40 thread but right-click doesn't bring up a way to copy or cut, just to paste. Is there a way to do that that I'm missing?
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I tried it & it works for me.....did you highlight what you wanted to copy first? Try highlighting it and then right click and you will see the copy
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