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Tonights dinner: stuffed teriyaki hamburger fattie w/ qvue

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So I've been itching to try this one for a while. One of my favorite burgers is the teriyaki burger from red robin, so I thought I'd try my hand at converting one to a fattie.

Started with a little over a pound of ground sirloin, added some lipton dry onion soup mix, teriyaki marinade, an egg and a slice of bread for binder.

mixed it up by hand

Then put some sliced onion and pineapple tidbits in the teriyaki marinade to soak while I worked.

After the meat had sat in the freezer a little bit to stiffen up I pressed it out.

Back in the freezer for a little bit with the meat. Next time I think I'll use a higher fat content meat, this stuff was a little hard to work with at 10%.

After the meat was cold enough to work with I piled on the onion/pineapple mix and some shredded swiss.

Rolled the fattie quick before it got too warm to work with

Then back in the freezer until the smoker was ready.

All ready for the smoker

It's currently smoking away, I'll update with more pics and let you know how it tasted once it's done!
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Looks pretty damn good so far........................
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would that actually be considerd a fattie or meat loaf?any way im sure it was delisiousPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I have to say that this is the best tasting "fattie" that I've made so far!

Mmmm... sliced up and put on an english muffin I'm in heaven!

Couple notes for next time:
1) a slightly higher cheese to pineapple ratio would be good.
2) because of the high moisture content of the pineapple, some vent holes might help, when I cut into it this time a lot of juice ran out.
3) don't be so darn impatient and let it cool a bit before slicing!
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that sucker looks great pitrow-how bout the fat content? little more next time?-it looks pretty lean.good job.
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Looks great and sounds tasty. Yep, go with an 80/20 next time.
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I have to take some notes from this thread!! That fatty looks awesome, I can NEVER get that much filling into my fatty, have to use the freezer trick more!!!

Good job, looks as good as it tasted, im sure!wink.gif
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Mike you make that look so easy!!! And then you make it look so damn good.
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Just added something else to my to-do list...AWSOME!!
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Great looking Grub

Nice fattie. I like the combination. I'm adding that to my list of possibilities. *points*
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Mmmm...PitRow, looks awesome!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking fattie there pitrow. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

What temp did you cook it too ? I tried a ground chuck fatty and that turned out a little dry. I think i overcooked mine.

Not sure about the vent holes imho. You may lose a lot of cheese. It does tend to find it's way out.
Lol at the have more patience next time biggrin.gif. That's a hard thing to have when it's sitting on the plate huh !!
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Looks great! Going to try this soon and let everyone know how it comes out. Hope I can have some qview with it.

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Looks Great!!! I have the same trouble... waitin'.... i cut mine and stuff runs out .... drips up arm toward elbow while attempting to get it in mouth....
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Thanks everyone!

Well I had planned on taking it to 170, but at the last minute the neighbor came over to drop off some stuff and I didn't get it pulled until 180. It wasn't at all dry, don't know if the moisture from the pineapple helped with that, but like I said when I first cut into it about a 1/4 cup of juice ran out.

I'm actually not sure if I'll bump the fat content up next time. Even though it was a little hard to work with at 90/10, the finished product was just about perfect. One of the things I don't really care for when making a regular fattie is the high fat content. I may try the next one at 85/15 to see how that does, but I think other than not being so much fun to roll the 90/10 was great.
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Maybe was the moisture that helped.
My ground chuck fatty was also inspired by a fav burger. The chipotle, blue cheese and bacon burger at chillis.
I too got distracted while doing that fatty but didn't check temp when it came off so not sure just what it was at. Still tasted good, held together well. Was just a little on the dry side, still edible tho biggrin.gif .

Either way that teriyaki fatty will be tried here too someday !
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Good job, that looked great. Another one to the list.
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great job pitrow..........points on the method............the firming up to roll idea................notes on that
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Pit sorry i missed out on this look's like you got a whole new world of fatty lover's starin up with that one !!!! i dont care what ya call it cause if it tasted half as good as it look's....i'd say the angel's delivered it themselves..........AWESOME JOB !!!
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