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Just to update peeps, I ordered the item yesterday and got an email today stating it is not due to get shipped until tomorrow the 20th. Guess it didnt make any sense to expedite the shipping, wish I knew that in advance. still wont get the tool until next week BOO HOO
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Hey Geek, just wondering how the plug is holding up? I'm looking at ordering one for my B-day and had thought I would go with the standard style but after taking a look at the interchangeable plugs...I could see having one sensor on the grate and another for the meat and just plugging into the one I want to read at the moment.

Kinda curious on your thoughts after a few more months of use.
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Accurite from Lowe's $14.97. Has worked great. No idea if it is calibrated or able to be calibrated.

How would you calibrate it?
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Ordered the ThermoWorks MTC with the Armor probe and the 151 probe.
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Sorry dude, I didn't your question until just now. The probe is holding up very well. Clean it each time with a damp wash cloth after use, and it still looks good. The only problem you will have is that the diameter of the armor is over 1/8", which means you won't be able to run the thing through the door. I think this is a good thing though as it forces you to run the probe somewhere where it won't get damaged. On my chargriller, there are so many holes already in the thing, there's no problem finding a place to run it. On my drum, I drilled a 1" dia whole at grate level and inserted a 3/4" pipe nipple to run all of my probes through.

You will be pleased with the probe. Also keep in mind in the future that ThermoWorks sells a thermocouple cable extender. I have several of these. You can daisy chain them to about whatever length you want with no calibration issues. When I don't hook the smoker up to the control program, I add the extenders and run the cables through the window. That way I can check the temperature using the Thermapen without having to drag my lazy butt off the couch.biggrin.gif

Keep us updated on the MTC, and enjoy the Jelly Bellys (You'll find out what I'm talking about). Those ThermoWorks chaps are top notch!
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Wally World also. Plus I use Taylor. Don't think you can calibrate it though, but their customer service is great. I have two of them and both metal probes gave out around the same time. Contacted them to see if I could purchase two new ones. They sent two to me FREE. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I have only tried one pocket them and one fork them......CRAP!!! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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I use the Maverick model 73 that I purchased from Kitchens Etc. Not sure who sells it now.
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Same here. My weekend warrior died (so I thought). so I call em up and they said the probe shorted out. new probe is on the way.. Free is always a nice way to provide customer service. biggrin.gif
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