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Baby Backs & More W/Q-View

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Baby Back Ribs done 3-1-1 method, Ronbeaux's "Bone Schmuckin' Good Chicken"(Sorry Ron I had to try that chicken it looked so good! :P ) Bear Apple Baked Beans and Pineapple Slaw.
1st my own dry rub and 240deg low rack with hickory smoke & a drip pan full of water and beer.then I mopped with apple juice/pineapple juice/maple syrup mix, sprinkled with turbinado sugar & double foiled onto extended racks

I put SnP on some bone in breasts and put them on the lower rack for a good branding then I put them into a foil pan to cook with a combo of Bears BBQ sauce and other "stuff"

After an hour in foil I opened up the ribs and put them on the rack with a good mopping of bears spicy BBQ sauce mixed 50/50 with the drippings in the foil

after another hour on rack with saucing every 15 I pulled the ribs

when the chicken hit 165deg I pulled it out of the pan and coated with the sauce and grilled direct to finish

I used Bears Spicy BBQ sauce in stead of Blues Hog in the beans (I wish I had some Blues Hog )

Then I added a jar of Marzetti slaw dressing to a pound of bag slaw veggies and tossed in half a can of pineapple tidbits

The reason I did chicken and ribs was my wife doesn't like ribs

Thanks again Ronbeaux for the inspiration on the Bone Schmuckin' Good Chicken
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very nice! looks great!!
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Looks damn good.................Good job....................Thanks for the q-view..........
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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mr Brown, Q looks great. Today is the first day I feel good after a bout with the flu and after your q-view, I my appetite is back.

Keep on Smokin! icon_smile.gif
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See? Q IS healthy for ya! Proof! LOL

Nice smoke there, Mr. B- Kudos.
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Awesome job with that smoke.
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