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Smoked Tenderloin beats Grilled with Qview

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Couldn't believe how much better smoked tenderloin is then grilled! I've done quite a few on the grill but never on a smoker. Turned them and sprayed with apple juice every hour. Very moist and great flavor. Put the beans and potatoes on at the same time. Was a little concerned that the potatoes would burn. Nope! Had a nice yellow color to them and not dry at all. Can't wait till next weekend to try something else.
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Mmmm... looks awesome!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great lookin loins there
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I've been doing them in the smoker too. Much better than the oven or grill. My girl marinates them and I sear them on the grill before going into the smoker. I'm guessing you cooked those babies to 150 or so. We like them medium icon_smile.gif. Good job!
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DaBoys - the pics look great, impressive smoke ring! You will soon come to find that mostly anything smoked, is awesome!
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They look awasome..............Making me hungry now............Good job..............
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hi daboys looks great i want to smoke a tenderlion this weekend how long did you smoke it for and what temp thanks
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Looks great, I learn summin new everyday.

I can not believe that smoke pena!!!! I always thought the loin was too dense or would loose its moisture, what temps did you take em to? How hot was the smoker??
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Yep...loin off the smoker rules. A little Portabella gravy is what I topped my last one with. WooWHEE!
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Rich - that sounds like an awesome gravy to put over anything! Care to share that lil' recipe? icon_razz.gif
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Smoked em for 4hrs 45 min. The temps were between 215-225. I pulled them at 165. Going to do them again this weekend but I'm going to try Dutch's Mahogany sauce. That really sounded good.
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was that a pork loin? nice job..
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