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Hi are pretty close icon_smile.gif. Good to see another local out here PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. nh3b's is local too, in Nashua. I got to check in with him to see how he made out with the trout on opening day. What have you got cook'n over there?
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Great lookin ribs Dave .... you're right ..more meat on the side ribs for me that's what has turned into my fav ( since learning the 3-2-1 method ) , especially when on sale .... more meat for your money... although I started out being a huge fan of bb's .... I will use which ever is cheapest when looking for ribs is my .02 worth wink.gif
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doing some bbr thursday

if the weather and my wood hold out im gona do some baby's tomorrow, i made a trash can smoker, once i master it im lookin to get one like yours, what is it and where did you get it
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Nice work, Dave. Keep up the pics even with your wife jawing. I sit and laugh at my wife for watching American Idol and she cracks on me for taking pics of a smoker in the middle of the night. ('nice going nerd....')

I have yet to try BB. Will do that shortly.
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what kind of rig you got????
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Great looking ribs. My whole family laughs when I take pics too. They just don't understand, but they do love the end product.
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Good looking ribs dave everyone should be very pleased with those. I like the baby backs but if there not on sale its hard to justify 3.99 a # when spares are 1.99 a #. The way I look at it if you buy a 5 # rack of spare for $10 and lose a pound when trimming you're still way ahead. I cut mine to st louis style then salvage what I can ,smoke the smaller pieces of meat eat some while smoking ,and dice some up and put in the smoked baked beans. I very rarely find bb's on sale so alot of times I go for the spares. They turn out just as good. I love ribs no matter spares or bb's.

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Hey paddfoot...sorry lost track of the thread. I have a Masterbuilt electric smokehouse. Bought it last Feb at Sam's club for $299. I'm also gonna start working on converting my gas grill into more of a smoker/grill. I like your trash can smoker.
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I hear ya Jason. I like them both, but trying to decide if a buck more a pound is worth getting the BB. I'm going to do spares next time with the same recipe. I do like a little more meat on the rib, BBs were really good though icon_smile.gif.
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Next time I'm going to put up a couple pics of her shaking her head at would that be snear-view or dear-view???
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