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First butt and ribs smoke

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I smoked some fish last weekend so this weekend i though i'd try my hand at a 6.5 lb boston butt and baby backs....due to spending too much time at the local bar last night i didnt get to marinade/rub last they got a rub down and into the smoker they went, starting at 1:30pm....gonna try the 1.5 per hour thing and wrap in foil at 160 and then put into the oven at 250...prob wont be able to enjoy it today though so gona bring to work and have pulled pork sammiches for lunch biggrin.gif

heres some Q-view and i will update it as i go...

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Lookin good! Waiten to see how it comes out!
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Lookin' good! Aren't they done yet??biggrin.gif Need some more Qview.
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well i ate the ribs ready or not..i cooked them 4-2 and couldnt wait that extra 1 lol it was almost 8pm so i had to eat...they were good though...could of been alil more tender, but they were just fine for a first rib smoke...nice and juicy and had a good flavor..

the butt is still on..8hrs so far....last i check it was 170 on the inside..and that was an hour ago...and i'm about to go to bed.. i'm thinking of pulling it off the grill and putting it in the fridge and then finish it tommorow, would that mess it up?..i'll prob just finish it off in the oven tommorow...bring it up to 200 and then pull it...what ya think? also my neighbors are probably wondering why i'm taking pictures of my bbq lol

next time i'll start alot earlier.. i started way too late for this lol

both were basted with "southern basting sauce" its an oil based smoky basting sauce that is just outstanding...its made in my hometown of Jennings,La. and is very popular in cajun country....its mainly made for grilling...but looks like it works just great for smoking too :) i cant explain its taste you would just have to try it.....their BBQ sauce is the best! check out their webpage and order you one of each..i promise you will be hooked....

here's some q-view...

before wrapping in foil...inside was about 150...

plated up..about to be demolished biggrin.gif

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Hey Kajun,
Those ribs look great! Can't tell a lot about the butt but I think it also looks good. How did it taste?
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the ribs were good...not falling apart though..but tender and juicy enough and great flavor...its 11pm..i'm going take the butt of and put in fridge.
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Looks good................Look mighty tasty too.................
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last pics

heres the last pics of the day...i pulled the butt off at 11:45pm...temp inside was around 185....instead of waiting till today to finish it up..i just pulled it right there....didnt let it rest..didnt wrap in was late and i just wanted to finish it lol.....made a quick lil finishing sauce with white viniger and brown sugar, pepper and cajun seasoning....poured it in a mixed it up...brought it into work and we ate it all within minutes :) learned quite a few lessons on this first run..main thing i learned is dont wait till almost 2pm to start smoking a butt lol

heres a couple pics...

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Looks good, Kajun. I did two 4.5 lbs butts (cut in half) last night and it took 11 hrs TOTAL to get to 202. It went literally all night so I dozed some and then would check on it. I only expected 7-8 hrs max.
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