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Chuck in guiness marinade and mop.

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Ok here's part of todays smoke.

Was planning a brisket but store had run out so settled on a chuck.

Marinaded overnight in a guiness marinade, will boil the marinade once the chuck is on and use that as a spray.

On the right of the last pic is a 10lb butt that is going to be keeping the chuck company .
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Never tried Guinness as either, but I bet it'll be good! Can't go wrong with a darker beer.
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after 3 hours

Here we are 3 hours in.

Onions are for batch of sauce i'm making later.
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How are you going to do the Chuck. Wrap or not, what temp and finish temp.

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I saw the guinness marinade the other day. Let us know how it turns out was thinking about trying it.

Thanks Jason
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The chuck stalled for about an hour at 145. Is on the move again now and is at 150.
Planning to foil at 165, take to 200, towel and cooler for a few hours and try pulling.

Will keep things updated.
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The chuck was wrapped and in the cooler after a 7 hour cook.

It was taken out of cooler after 2 1/2 hours. Still good and hot and was soooo easy to pull. Taste was good.
Would of liked a bit more smoke flavour but would rather have no creosote.

Overall an enjoyable smoke and a good meal at the end of it.
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The chuck looks soo tender and juicy!! Very nice job. I have yet to try a chuck roast, this is giving me inspiration!!!biggrin.gif
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It was good. First time i'd done a chuck this way. Pulled real easy.

Wasn't too badly priced at $2.49 lb. Wish i'd of done two but as always finances dictate!!
Altho that fed three teenagers, the wife and me. She took a sammie to work, i had one for lunch today and there is prob enough for one more sammie. Think that will be mine biggrin.gif.
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How are the new mods working out?? I fought gusts on Sat. and had to use a rolled up towel on the other side of the firebox to prevent temp loss.
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I'm real happy with the mods. Just updated that posting too.
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Nice looking roast, Tee! I've seen many of those on sale in the grocery store and have passed on buying them since I wasn't sure how they'd smoke. You're post has solved that problem, will need to try one now!
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Good looking roast. How did the marinade work out? Did it add good flavor to the chuck roast?

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The roast definitely had good flavour. Wether it was the mop or not i don't know. Just know it tasted good at lunch. Put some on a plate with cheese on top. Warmed it up in the microwave and slid it into a sammie. biggrin.gif
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Great looking chuck................I don't think there are to many meats that aren't better when you smoke them.........Just my 2 cents worth...........
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Hahahah $2.49/lb??? I keep kosher so it's $8.49/lb...I have a 3 pound roast defrosting for marinating or rubbing tomorrow and smoking Thursday night...

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