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Congrats, 3 men and a butt!! - Page 3

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Marktee is better with his camera than I thought!
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Thanks for the lesson everyone

This was truly fun other than the noted wind problem. Yes, Capt Dan, the mats took a beatin by the "Party Animal". The holes he burnt thru were the size of 1/2 dolars. There only about $50 a pop! The wife will get over it. Yes kinda wondering about the extra "texture" myself Butt.......
Dominic (Marktee's boi) did a fantastic job and was a real trooperPDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
He did get a little bored but just kept going w/o alot of complaints. I will try and make him more involved on the next comp since he did such a good job.

I think the low and slow then the power finish may be worth looking into for the ribz!? Next time if the Capt will have Richtee on his team againicon_surprised.gif LOL

Hey Rich - is the chicken done?
I noticed only nine entries for the pulled pork category so apparrently we have another bug eater in the group! LOL
Thanks for making it fun -we will be back for another effort

.............OH - and thank you Glen for the support - setting up the turn in boxes was a 2 man effort for sure. I am sure we will be a little more prepared for the next comp now that we know what to expectPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Doms new Job!

Washing the parsley icon_exclaim.gif
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Well, SOMEONE has to! Gotta find a li'l parsley brush...
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I missed the activity on this post this weekend. Great job to Rich biggrin.gif

Also, not to take your thunder, but great job to the Scotsman team as well.
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Yes Geek, they stole the show, but they got some darn good teammates, and these folks everyone of them were very helpfull. I think Walt may have a secret way to season wood, but I will just keep that secret between us Lang brothers! I wandered down to their camp often, as did alot of others, and they seemed right at home having company from everyone. I think Tonto and Rich could have had their own competition, between the two of them on friday night! A couple of real party animals. I of course, stayed conservative,focussed, and professional. I limited myself to very few drinks!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

When Rich ate the live junebug, I knew right then, to lock up the weed burner, and hide the car keys!
The ribs musta tasted good, because I have since learned the we did not display them correctly.

I have got to get me one of them utility trailers for my stuff. There were some real sweet ones there, and each one was different. Kinda like soe of us captains rig our boats differently for our own tastes, and ease of operation. The table leg extensions are a must, as well as a couple dozen other things.

Marktee, thanks for bringin the camper, and most of the stuff we needed to survive. Your son was a pleasure to have around. I have to admitt, when Rich said there was gonna be a 5 yr old with us, I was worried, but he actually behaved better than Rich!eek.gif He is gonna make you proud one day I am sure. He has the makins of a great kid, and his smile and enthusiasm kept me happy through the weekend. You are a lucky dad.

Rich, thanks for getting this thing together and sending in our entry. I had alot of fun, and the mission that we started is complete. We went, we saw, we competed. We did good, and had fun. we met some awesome people, and have a ton of laughs. I didn't get to eat any bugs(that I know of), or burn any rugs,or miss the hockey game, so I guess you still are at least one up on me!icon_smile.gif It was good to finally meet you and your brother and nephew. I will never forget this weekend, and I still laugh about alot of it!

Everyone I talked to( and I talked to them all), I asked if they belonged to smf, some did, but many did not. They belonged to other sites as well, just like myself. But it didn't matter. The thing we all had in common was the love for BBQ. The friendships that we share while pursuing the finer art of Q in indeed the "big prize payout". And I feel like I have my own trophy because of it.

Thanks again to those who befriended us, and steered us in the right direction. I never once felt ingnored, or snubbed, but rather included and accepted. In these times of too busy to enjoy life, and political correctness, its so nice to find friends like I have made this past weekend.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Dawg ducks down to avoid the wrath of God.............wink.gif
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I said few, not small! Remeber the size O me Cup!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Congrats on the ribs guys ........ sounds like it was good time.

Our little ol town of 500 here had a cook off at it's last summer fling. May have to enter that for the fun of it if they do it again this year. !!

Anyway congrats once again guys.
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The team definately had a great time.
We had fun visiting as well.
Again great showing guys.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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