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Its probably a good thing that we were the farthest team away from the bigger grouping of teams, but closest to the bathrooms!icon_smile.gif Best part was everyone had to walk by us to go to the bathrooms.So we got alot of visitors, which was alot of fun. The visitors drank most of our beverages, I swear!wink.gif

The smokin scottsmen had a great spot set up around the "rollin retreat", man thats a sweet Motor home. Walt and Teresa were always available for comment or help, and very good hosts with a great breakfast on sat morning along with a "Q salute" and morning prayer! The camp next to them was occupied by Smokeaters BBQ, another great group of guys and very freindly. Every team was unique in some way, mostly their cookers, but their support vehichles,layout of camp, or timetables for food was all pretty interesting to me. I did alot of wondering.
The only thing that I absolutely hated about this event was......................................THE WIND!!!icon_frown.gif Man it was frustrating, and often times dangerous.We were out in the open, as far as the layout of teams went, and didn't have any big buildings near us for a wind break. Poor Mark thought the wind was gonna tear his canopy right off the trailer. At one time during the wee hours of the morning, one of the other teams portable canopy did take a short flip into another trailer, but alert compeditors grabbed it and got it safely taken down. The wind played havok with alot of us wood burners,but I know every team suffered because of it. I wonder how many judges had sand in their food confused.gif .
I will say that I am very happy with my Lang 60. The wind was challenging, but she purred right through the weekend without a problem. She held temps at 225 for 80 % of the time with winds well over 40 mph at times. The wind did ruin our chicken on the WSM program though. We couldn't get it to keep temps where we wanted, and the SnP suffered from it to, and had to resort to switching alot of stuff to the lang. It suprises me that the ribs took any ribbon, cuz we had started them in the SnP, but gave up on it with 2 hrs to go before turn in, they went into the lang, and began the rehabilitation cook!icon_idea.gif . Maybe we started a new trend Rich! really low and slow for a couple hrs, then low and faster, then an hr of chaos!biggrin.gif
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WoooHooo....Congratulations 3 Men and a Butt!!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Fantastic win on your first comp and some serious weather conditions..PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Just so ya know...you managed to beat teams that have made it to the Jack....not an easy feat!!!You guys should be very proud of yourselves!!It was great to meet all of you!!! Sorry I did not get to spend more time....butt...(heheh..get it) was pretty busy myself. I hope you all have caught the bug as much as we have, and surely hope to see youall at Taste, Silverlake and Mt Morris!

Well....busy day ahead.....we get to start getting ready for Wamac next weekend......think we need to have our heads examined..lol.

Again Congrat's to you all!!!cool.gif
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Thanks Girl! Yep, I got the bug, gonna order me an RV tomorrow!eek.gif

Just kidding. Thanks for the Kudos, and really we appreciate your help and kindness. You guys really took the show, and that brisket of yours,OMG.
The bisquits and gravy and Ford's beef tenderloins for breakfast was just what I needed after an all nighter in gale force winds. You and your team are the BOMB! I like your smoker too! Sure were some nice rigs there.
Good luck at Wamac.I'm sure you guys will do fine!

I tried to post on the BBQ Breth site. I have already registered, but could only PM Mike to thank him.

Do you have the
event breakdown that you could post for others to see?

Thanks again!
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Congrats guys...........sounds like you had plenty of fun along with the good showing.
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Thanks Danwink.gif Mike Terry(da Prez of GLBBQA) will be e-mailing all the members the final numbers....you did join didn't cha??icon_evil.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

As soon as I get them I will post them here...again Congrats!!!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Congrat and well done! I love the sign,lol.
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I KNEW this would be a good time! Dang!
Course, Theresa got it together, so it was guaranteed. She's a peach.
Great pics.
Congrats butt dudes!
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Congrats again guys.................Good job............
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Wow! Second place in your first comp. Excellent job guys! Cool that the little guy got the ribbon. Gotta visit next year if it is an annual event. Any pics of the award winning ribs?
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Here ya go.......Oh and Bubba has a ton of pics as I forgot my camera...icon_rolleyes.gif ,hopefully he will post some soon.

As promised earlier here are the results for all categories:

1. Great Lakes BBQ and Feed Co
2. Hog Wild BBQ
3. Smoking Scotsmen
4. Hickory BBQ
5. Smokeeaters
6. Dr Chuckie
8. All Day Smoke
9. Pork of the North

1. Pork of the North
2. 3 Men and a Butt
3. Dr Chuckie
4. Great Lakes BBQ and Feed Co
5. All Day Smoke
6. Smoking Scotsmen
8. Smokeaters
9. Hog Wild
10. Hickory BBQ

1. Smoking Scotsmen
2. Pork of the North
3. All Day Smoke
4. Great Lakes BBQ and Feed Co
5. Hickory BBQ
6. 3 Men and a Butt
7. Smokeaters
8. Hog Wild

1. Smoking Scotsmen
2. Smokeaters
3. All Day Smoke
4. Great Lakes BBQ and Feed Co
5. Hickory BBQ
6. Dr Chuckie
7. Pork of the North
9. 3 Men and a Butt
10. Hog Wild

Grand Champion = Smoking Scotsmen
Reserve = Great Lakes BBQ and Feed Co
3. All Day Smoke
4. Pork of the North
5. Hickory BBQ
6. Smokeaters
8. Hog Wild
9. Dr Chuckie
10. 3 Men and a Butt
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My bro Marktee has the box shots on his cam. Like pulling hen's teeth to get him to up 'em tho. I'll be on his back.

Says he din't get a pict of the chicken turn in tho... PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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I know I had the best time ever at this comp.
Walt and Teresa and their teammates Steve and Geoff were awesome folks to hang with as next door neighbors.

I havent laughed that hard for that long in years.

I have some photos that I will try and post here sometime later today.
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More pix

OK bro Marktee is on the ball! Here's a few more.

The butts on Capt Dan's Lang

Wrapping dat butt!

Flyin' Illini sampling the major mop ingredient

The pulled entry. Think it was 6th.

And the pride and joy ribs
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Congratulations!!! You folks did an awesome job!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like an incredible weekend Rich and crew!!! Good work!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job guys!!! Must have been the Jim Beam&June bug Rich (The party animal) ate early that morning...Mark and Dom, Thanks for the lesson playing "Close the box" Gotta build one of those.. Capt Dan, The Lang weathered the storm for a walk to the stage for those ribs, Gotta like that!!! Hope to see you guys soon...Again great job!!!! Danny aka (DB BBQ)
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Fine job guys, fine job.
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Outstanding! Great job by all of you! So is it true that comp ribs place better when they aren't, "fall off the bone" tender? Looks like those have some "tug" left in them and they look mighty tasty!!!

Looks like you all had a really good time, in spite of the doggone wind. CongratsPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well I thought it just came off the Lang as a snack... but it wasn't done yet...;{)
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Just a bit of "tug"- let's put it this way...if ya bit into the meat and let go with your hand and shook your head...it'd come apart.
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