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Ribs with Qview

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Rubbed last night and into fridge on smoker bout 1:30 today this is at about 2 hours and just put taters on. See Laurel I'm really smoking biggrin.gif

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Hey Jerry - nice rack(s)! wink.gif

Those potatoes are looking really good too. Looks like you'll be joining me in eating well tonight! Nice looking smoke!
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See if you'd have put a little more on the rest of us could join you!!
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I think this is my smallest smoke ever

Here they are coming of for another spritz and foil wrap

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man them things look awsome Jerry-maybe a little closer next time-I pretty blind ya know!
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Those look really good, Jerry!! The color is really purty biggrin.gif
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Great job Jerry,good job with the Q-view too.It makes me want to grab some ribs out of the freezer.
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Ok coming out of foil back onto smoker and taters gettin close

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Mighty fine lookin vittles! Like the racks, got some too, gonna have to get some ribs and try em out!
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look at that pull back-wow those look great,can't wait for the next pic.
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Ok done and pretty tasty really liked the taters double smoked recipe from somebody on here look it up its great
Ribs coming off


Taters ready to go back on

Taters coming off
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Those ribs look fantastic -and the taters really add to the beauty-great job buddy-points!
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Those are some good looking ribs piney!!!

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Jerry - those taters look really tasty, nice compliment with the ribs!
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