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Saturday Mornin Smoke

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Alrite yall, well i got up at 5:45 to start some coals and try to have lunch ready for my folks when they get up to gainesville. After discovering that i barely had enough coals for the first load, i started em and got the smoker goin and ran to walmart to restock. Now that the mayhem is over and the smoker temp is constant, its time to look for the camera to give yall a q-view.

I have an 8lb bone in half pork loin and Albertsons had pork country style ribs on sale buy one get two free so i couldnt resist and have about 10 lbs of them on now too. Got the tbs rollin right around 6:25 and once i get some pics i'll attempt to post em up and see what yall think.

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It sounds like a feast your parents will be proud of. Don't forget the q!
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Sounds good looking forward to the Qview hope it gets done on time and you have a good time
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yup sounds good and I love that price on ribs-last time I found at that price I made a big batch of sausage.good luck
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heres the 11:45 update, pork loin is a hair under 140 and the country style ribs are lookin real nice and i think i'm about to foil them. Also i threw some kosher salt and whipped up a little garlic salt and smoked that and let me tell you, it is pretty awesome. Smoker is holdin steady at 225 and just sent the roomate for more charcoal.

On foiling the cs ribs, do you guys do that or should i just let them go till they start fallin apart? any info would help and thanks guys
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Good deal on the ribs!! Can't wait for the qview.

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Well this was quite a success today, my folks made it up here and got themselves a great lunch of country style rib sammiches. I foiled them after my last post and let them go till they had some give when pushed on. Everyone pulled their own ribs and made sandwiches and they were delicious.

I pulled the loin off at about two and just sliced some of it and it is amazing, once i get the pics uploaded ill give a shot at gettin em up on here and let yall see what it all looked like.

Oh, and the best part, mom made a homemade mulberry cobbler and brought that up for dessert, what a great day.
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Glad to hear everything turned out well! The weather is wonderful on the coast, I bet it's great in Gains. too.

That mulberry cobbler sounds AWESOME!! Always had a sweet tooth for fruit cobblers. Any chance you got some q-vue of your meal to share with the group???

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alrite guys, sorry it took me so long to get these posted up and that theres no pics of the cs ribs, they went too fast ;) heres the finished product, then the side view, then some slices, mmmmmm was it good.

Last but not least is moms cobbler, this is after transfering it to a different bowl, but nonetheless delicious as ever, hope yall enjoy!!!
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Mighty fine vittles indeed!
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Juicy mmmm biggrin.gif .... that looks super...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sounds great! Our Albertson's here in Western Colorado has country style ribs and assorted pork chops on sale for $1.00 per pound. Bought 20 pounds of pork chops and a 12# package of cs ribs.
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Looks damn good....................Good job................
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That looks great. WTG
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Where mine if you please
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