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Hello from Frisco

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TX not the place in CA wink.gif . I'm Tom Behne and pretty newbish. I found this site last year but can't remember if I roll called or lurked so I'm saying howdy again. Started this little hobby last year with an ECB to see what I could do without investing an arm and a leg. Instead I smoked an arm and leg and the results were pretty darned good. Looking to upgrade now and am pretty interested in the pellet smokers. I know thats not the predominant view here but be gentle...lol. If anyone has any thoughts on good smokers for someone who hates clean up and likes to keep it simple let me know...and don't tell me to go to a restaurant...lol.


PS The Aggie is for Texas Aggies not a wife or girlfriend...people do ask the silliest stuff sometimes. biggrin.gif Gig Em
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Can't help ya out with a pellet machine, but welcome aboard and glad to have ya!
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Thanks Ken...we're practically neighbors. I like the idea of just using wood so I think I'll end up with some form of that. Thanks for the welcome.
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Welcome to the forum Tom. You'll find lots of good info around here. People are good and will help with questions when you get stuck. Happy Smoking
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Glad to have you back, Tom. Look forward to your future posts and q-vue!
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Welcome aboard................Glad to have you here............
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