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Seasoning our new giant smoker

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We just bought a towable wood smoker from Magnum Trailers here in Austin. We are going to use it for our Cub Scout Pack to cook at events and as a fund-raising tool. We're new to wood smoking and could use some advice on the best way to season this beast. The unit is really big with a firebox at one end, two large cooking areas in the middle and a five level smoking tower and smokestack at the other end.

The advice we got was to spray the inside with vegtable oil, brush it down with a large paintbrush then slowly bring it up to 300-400 degrees for about 5 hours using a mix of dry and green wood (we have a bunch of Pecan wood from one of the Dads in the pack) to get lots of smoke. Does this sound about right?

Thanks for any help with this.
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That sounds about right.. maybe skip the green wood.. but I suppose it can't exactly hurt.. and you don't exactly have to do the full five hours either..

But then again.. if the advice you speak of was from the people you bought it from.. follow it as closely as you can.
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Welcome to SMF. I don't know about the greenwood either. Might leave a creosote build up in it. Besides that, it sounds right. When are we going to get some pictures of this thing? BTW, better get over to roll call and introduce yourself properly to the rest of the pack.
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I echo the other two quotes..... if the guys you bought it from (and subsequently built it) are saying let it season for 5 hours then by all means listen to them.

Mine is smaller..but I brought it to 250 held it there for 2 hours then jump it to 350-400 and kept it there for an hour...then opened it up and let it come back down to normal. The next morning I did notice there was still a slight paint smell.....I didnt taste it after the first smoke either....
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Roll call & pics yes-green wood no! other than that yup-but 5 hr's a little long. temps are right.
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Once you start using that smoker for those events, you'll find yourself sneaking a few personal smokes in as well! Nice rig!
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Welcome to the forum. Don't forget to post some q-view pics of the smoker and of your smokes. We love to drool over all the great q.
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Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice everyone. The concensus seems to be that we're on target but no green wood, sounds good.

We've got the smoker parked at our sponsoring organization, my wife wasn't too keen on having it in our driveway. I'm going over with a few other Dads to get it seasoned this weekend. I'll post some pictures here and on roll call Sunday.

Thanks to everyone, now I need to read through more threads for tips and good recipes.
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I'd listen close to the folks who built it. It's probably not the first one they have built. $.02
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