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Hi Everyone,

My name is Kevin and I'm new to smokin'.
I have an ECB and I've have moderate results with it.
I'm in the process of buyin either:
  • Chargriller Smoking Pro- (I drool over it at Lowe's each week)
  • Weber Smokey Mountain- (I just missed one on Craigslist NIB for $150)
  • Pro Q Fromtier- (Can't beat the price)
Any suggestions for a new guy?
BTW- this forum is awesum.

AKA Holy Smokes
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Welcome to the forum Kevin. You have come to the right place for all things smoked. Enjoy yourself and dont hesitate to ask questions!!!
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Welcome to the forum Kevin glad you found us. Buy the one you like the best. You'll find lots of good info here. People are also willing to answer questions and help out. Happy smoking
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Welcome to SMF. Texas Hunter pretty much pegged it. It depends on what you plan to do with it and how much space you have. Also your choice of fuel, ie. propane or coals. Offsets are best with charcoal and wood. Verticles use gas very well. Again, its personal preference for each situation.
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Hey Holy,

The most important things is to get one and get to it. Good smokes ahead. These fellow smokers will pick your game up if you follow there knowledge and ideas. Get r Done.
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Welcome to the SMF Family, Kevin!

I checked out pics of the three you're considering. If the pic I'm looking at is correct for the Chargriller Smoking Pro, that's a horizontal smoker with a sidebox, compared to the other two which are vertical smokers, similar to your current ECB.

Here's my $0.02 logic ... Since your vertical smoker has produced moderate results, why not give the chargriller Pro, a go?

Good luck with your choice, and happy smoking!
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Welcome to the forum. You found the best smokin place on the web.
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Welcome to the smf Kevin. Lots of nice folks here and lots of good information. Don't forget to take Jeff's 5 day E-course. Lots of good information there and it's free. Good luck with picking out your new smoker.

Happy Smokin

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welcome aboard...................Great place here................
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