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Here's a smoke

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Here's a smoke from the other day it's two pork butts and 1 chuck. Sorry for the quality on the pics. The pork smoked with hickory for about 11 hrs at 250 to reach 195. Usually the average for me is 14hrs. Anyway I threw them in my big DO to rest and pulled there after. Tonights dinner is pulled pork pizza, can't wait to try. The chuck roast was a 4 1/2 pounder that only smoked for 5hrs then put in a crock pot on hi for 5 more hours. That was then pulled and made enchilladas. Sorry no pics of them but they were AWESOME.
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Lookin good Blacklab, I am going to have to try a PP pizza sooner than later. Keep up the good work!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Tummy's starting to growl! :0-)
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Fine lookin vittles indeed!
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Darn nice chow, Blacklab.
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Looking good Blacklab! Let us know how your PPP turns out and what you end up putting on it. Pics would be great too!biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the q-vue, BL! Enchiladas should yummy ... icon_razz.gif
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Nice job. Keep up the great smokin.
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Good looking smoke Blacklab.

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Good looking chow! Thanks for the Qview.
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Good looking grub blacklab. I did the enchiladas the other day with left over brisket they are awesome. Going to do a yardbird tomorrow with my spares and make chicken enchiladas sunday. Mouths watering already. Let us know how the enchiladas turn out.

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Mmmmm, PP pizza, now that sounds good. i will need to try that.
Good lookin foodicon_smile.gif
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Looks good. I am doing a couple butts today and am Thinking of doing a stromboli with some of the Pulled pork. Kind of along the same lines as a pizza
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Great looking grub...............
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