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Hi, I've been a lurker in this forum for about a year and decided it was time I finally joined...and now I can see the Qview too. After using a ECB propane smoker for several years, I donated it to my brother-in-law and got a Cookshak SM009. Yes, I got lazy but I don't regret it. After lots of ribs, brisket, birds, and butts, I'm currently working on fine tuning some sausage recipes. Great forum and I'm getting better at taking Q pictures, no matter what my wife thinks.
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Good looking sausage there Night Train. Welcome to SMF!
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Mmmmmm...sausage :0-)
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Welcome to the SMF!! You've wasted all those other smokes by not sending us Q-view!!
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Welcome aboard nighttrain, jump right in the water is warm!!!
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Thanks for joining us at the SMF. Let you wife know that women are included at any time, anywhere.... It;s all good.
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That sausage looks great. Welcome to the forum glad to have you.
Happy smoking
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Thanks for the warm welcome. My wife likes to run the grinder and eat the finished product but she won't touch the casings. She is on a chili run so we can have some ABT's tonight. I'll try not to waste any more smokes and take lots of pics.
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Hey Night Train,

Great sausage. We here at the ranch love your Littleton,Colo. town. We stop and look around everytime we passs thru. Good luck. Welcome.
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Welcome to the forum. Great looking sausage. I can taste it now.
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Welcome aboard and glad you stopped lurking around..............Great looking sausage..........
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