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Questions about a propane smoker

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I've been thinking about getting a propane smoker,and was wondering about the cabelas stainless 48 inch model ? FUNH20 has one and said he really likes it just wondering if anybody else that has a cabelas smoker had an opinion on it. I like the looks of it because it has alot of room. I would still keep my chargriller w/sfb though. I would like the propane for the long smokes like butts or if I needed alot more space for meat.

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I don't have the Cabela's brand but it looks similar to my Smoke Vault. You're right, there's a ton of room in one of those. It's also priced close to what the SMV is. I caught mine on sale last Christmas for $219.00 but saw them a few days ago back up to $279.00. Let us know what you decide.
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I have a GOSM that I think is at least similar to the Cabala's model your looking at. The nice thing about a vertical propane smoker is the amount of meat you can do and once you get your temps stabilized you don't need to babysit it. Like you said, good for long smokes and in my opinion. good for cold weather smokes.
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propane smoker

have a gosm--love it..easy to use, large capacity, cheap, temps easy to regulate....LOVE IT>>>>PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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What Fred said
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I've looked at the Cabela's unit, very similar to the GOSM and Smoke Vault. I really like my GOSM, did a few simple mods to make life easier, gas is nice if you don't have the time to tinker with wood all day. I think the product it produces is excellent. The Cabela's rig is a nice lookin unit and I would go with the 48 incher. Good luck!
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Thanks for all the info. As always very helpfull. I think if I can swing it I'll go ahead and invest in one. The campground where our parents camp at usually have big get togethers on the holidays (that's where I took my brisket last weekend first camping outing of the season). It would be nice to have a little more capacity for larger groups. If anybody else has any more info I'd be glad to hear it.
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Ive been lookin at the cabelas model to it looks great thats the model I will be going with but my Q is can it be made natty gas easily and how easily can it be done ? I have friends who work at the local gas co. who will help me do it if need be but is it possible ?
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Yup, bought all ya gotta do is change the orfice, yer buddies should be able to measure the one in the unit and get ya the right sized on for Natural gas. Just don't forget it's been converted to nat. and have someone hook it up to lp sometime. Good luck!
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I have a Cabela's smoker and love the product it produces. If I had one negative thing to say about it, it would be the fact that it is round. I have a hard time getting much on a single level. Some times I wish it was wider and square. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Dave, I think he was talking about the upright square model (48").
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