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I'm new to this forum but not new to forums. I have not yet smoked anything, but am going to do a bunch. What I have observed on other fora is the tendency of older (") forum members to tell the newbie that he/she has the wrong smoker and has been doing it wrong. I don't need that. Tell me some general stuff. I know to choose fruit or nut wood - and I know to cook at 225 F +/- 25 - and I know we expect to smoke for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours. Encourage me and tell me how much chili powder is
too much. Tell me how to make my smoke last 3 hours or if that is a mistake. Help me from square one. I'm still having fun. I've had fun since 1932. Texan, too.

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Try 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours. Welcome!!
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Welcome to the forums Twobuck I don't think anybody will tell you you have the wrong smoker heck we don't know which one is right biggrin.gif The old timers around here are still here to help people as far as I can tell. You can get some good info from Jeff's free 5 day Ecourse. Also the topics on the far left have some good info. You can always ask questions and people will try to help. Have fun and good smokin
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Howdy Twobuck, if thats what U expect from SMF than you come to the wrong place.We here are a group of gys & gals that don't judge a person on how new they are or what kinda unit they use-heck we donn't even care if you don't use chili powder,(well not that 1)all us here learn on a daily bases it don't matter how long we been in the hobbie.we all use different set ups and have our own ways that we share with words and pics.we not gonna Tell anybody anything-if we have a new guy come in and it's there first time smoking we will suggest things for him to do to get started in the right direction.but Tell them-thats not our way. So anyhow welcome to the site Twobucks and pull up a log do some reading and take time to get to know us.glad U founds us.
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Welcome to your welcome

Well OK, then I'm among friends. As to one reply, I have voted Democrat, but I'm ain't far left! I am finding more & more help and I will just go cook some stuff and check in later.


Let's have some fun!
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Don't expect to cook by time, use internal temps and you can't go wrong. You've got tooo much chile powder when your taste buds object. Keeping a thin blue smoke should last longer than when smoke is just rolling out of your smoker and going through a lot of wood. The smoker to use is the one you're comfortable with. TMI.
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Hi twobuck. Desertlite pretty much said it all.

As for how much chilli powder .... that's down to personal taste, toleration and experimentation. I'm sure i speak for most people here when i say we've all used tooooo much chilli powder or paprika or worcestishire or, or or . It all comes with practise and repitition.

People on this forum use everything from $30 ecbs, propane and electric verticals, charcoal side fireboxes, wood burners,UD smokers and up to the real expensive rigs. We all share our experiences good or bad, this is acool place .

So have a good look around, browse through the postings. ANY questions just ask it, some one will come along soon to answer it or point you to a post that has the answer.

Just one more thing ...... we like pictures PDT_Armataz_01_22.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Enjoy the fourm, good to have you here.
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Welcome to our SMF family, twobuck!

To echo Teeotee - we love q-vue! Look forward to your future posts!
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Welcome to the site............Glad you found us here...........This is a great place with great people and info........Everyone is pretty friendly here and its more like a family here....................
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hey twobuck, SMF is all about smoking meat, fish, shrimp, anything that will fit in a smoker no matter what type, shape or size, you ask the questions and hang tight and someone will give you an answer or you will get alot of tips. There are alot of very smart and helpful people here
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Twobuck if that is the cost of yer smoker.they might tell ya you need a new one here am sure you will enjoy yourself here. (just do not ask about time are how long)..I have been here a couple months and have learned a wealth of info. things I really never knew about and can not wait to try.just wish i would have gotten in to it a long time ago..just git some bigger size britches you will need them after being here.
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Welcome to the forum. We are all here to HELP. You have come to the right place.
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I'll tell ya to stop into the Roll Call forum and intro yourself and your smoker! Then we can help ALOT easier eh!
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